FELONIES! Former President Obama Convinced UK to Spy on Trump- UPDATED


We have removed this article from the Israpundit website which claimed to have evidence of the UK spying on the Trump campaign. It came to our attention that it was taken down from that website. We then looked more closely at the supporting documents and found them to be fraudulent.

We deeply regret copying this article.


  1. I wonder how valid this really is. Some people are quite adept at committing hoaxes.

    If true, and certain details from This memo are included in the House memo it would give credence to those who say the Mueller investigation should be Shut Down. In addition, it would also give credence to those who stated person should Go To Jail. It could also explain Gowdy saying it is not a hit job on Justice. We’ll just have to wait for the House memo to see if it coincides.

    One thing is for certain. It Does sound more credibly written than the so-called Steele Dossier. One certainty is the release would compromise the US / UK cooperation and coordination. The mutual trust would be severely damaged, and for that reason it may not see any further light of day.

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