FEMA Jobs Available for Those Who Don’t Want to Work

Do you want a temporary job with FEMA? Don’t count on it. You will be amazed at the restrictions and less amazed as to why FEMA is not functioning very well in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.

The lies and deceit continue! If your income has been suspended due to Hurricane Sandy, you will read this press release and see a glimmer of hope – Governor.ny.gov

Except, it is all a lie. This federal grant (for $27 million) DOES NOT really apply to those victims of the hurricane who want to work. It DOES NOT apply to the hardworking core of Americans.

I quote from the press release, “The grant will be used to hire workers who lost their jobs as a direct result of Hurricane Sandy in Bronx, Kings, New York, Richmond, Queens, Nassau, Suffolk, Rockland and Westchester counties to help clean up impacted communities.”

I called about getting a job and the worker said the guidelines of the grant are that you have to be on public assistance or currently receiving unemployment benefits. That is not what the press release says so I questioned her but she insisted that her hands were tied and she had to go by the guidelines of the grant. I questioned her again and again but she repeated her original statement.

The grant only applies to those who are on public assistance and who are on unemployment. How many victims of Hurricane Sandy are on government assistance or unemployed? Not $27 million dollars worth!

I ask, if you are already collecting a government check on the backs of the taxpayer, why would you apply? I get it. There are some that should be on the system but too many are generational takers. They don’t have a work ethic nor do they care. There are no checks in place to weed those people out.

The Governor has made sure those on their wonderful SNAP program will already be getting 50% more for food stamps. There was no reason to expand this program to all SNAP recipients. It should be expanded only to hurricane victims.

Governor Cuomo did the same thing with the free gas offer he had to rescind. The free gas would have gone to freeloaders. It was not targeted to Hurricane victims.

How much more does it take for hardworking Americans to realize that all people like Congressman Tim Bishop and Governor Cuomo want to do is keep feeding the fiscal monsters that are swallowing up our Nation.

If you are waiting for FEMA help, this may be one of the reasons you are not getting it.