Female Genital Mutilation


Muslim women

by Gary Spina

This morning I brewed a pot of coffee and clicked on the IndependentSentinel.com website. The first thing I saw was Sara Noble’s lead article about the United Nations confirming the ISIS fatwa for the sexual mutilation of millions of Iraqi young girls and women.

The Al Qaeda offshoot ISIS/ISIL/IS has reportedly “ordered all girls and women between the ages of 11 and 46 in and around Mosul to undergo female genital mutilation”, according to the United Nations on Thursday and reported by al arabiya.

At the end of the story there was a video showing an actual mutilation of a young girl. I could not bring myself to click on the video and watch. All I kept thinking was: What sheer madness!

I know that there are many people and many organizations that voice opposition to this barbarism, but I guess there are not enough people and not enough organizations to stop it. There are not enough governments and not enough armies to control its spread – even into the United States itself. For all the awareness raised by human rights groups, for all the sane world’s condemnation, the cruelty continues, and both the sane and the insane stand by weeping or cackling as they allow it to happen en massE.

Sometimes I’ve wondered how God could destroy whole cities like Sodom and Gomorrah. And then I start to imagine cities and societies filled with ungodly upright-walking animal creatures who ritualize and actually revel in the gut-wrenching mutilation of young girls and women – in public lashings and stonings and beheadings – and the forcing of people to publically execute their own loved ones.

What a mad, mad world we and our children live in every day. And surely the madness has been with us since the beginning of mankind, and just as surely it has been keenly honed and burnished since the birth of Islam. But worst of all is this modern age of tolerance and political-correctness – these dangerous progressive times when the old Judeo-Christian traditions have been cast aside – when the United Nations and the rise of a new global world have unified a primitive mindset — where insanity has been institutionalized and codified and glorified on a world-wide stage.

We live and die with it today, and our children and grandchildren will live and die with it long into the future. We’ve allowed the evil to plant its roots and now it thrives and spreads and overwhelms the world of man. It consumes democracies and enslaves peaceful nations. It systematically destroys all opposition – and it does so very simply because there are not enough good people who so value freedom and human dignity. There are not enough courageous, good people willing to stand alone or stand united against a rising sea of godlessness. Righteous intolerance against evil is a good code to live or die by.

Some may excuse Islam and its cruel caliphate as ignorance, while others attribute its spread to the Third World’s social problems of hunger and desperation. But history is replete with good people who rose above the circumstances they were born into – who rose to greatness by overcoming ignorance and poverty and hopelessness. But all in life is a choice, and evil people do not choose to rise up from the muck and mire.

As enlightened people in a modern world, we continue to rationalize the evil and cruelty around us. We try to make sense of it. We debate it and study it while it continues. But why not destroy it and wipe it from the face of the earth – and then debate it and study it afterwards? That’s as good an argument as any argument out there.