Ferguson Braces Amidst Anti-Police Vehemence From the Highest Levels


Ferguson is an Obama-supported powder keg of hooligans, vigilantes and various misguided souls who are being pandered to by the media and many others fearful of being called insensitive bigots. It’s possible that Barack Obama’s penchant for using Al Sharpton as an advisor is paying off in riots and protests over a case that is possibly no case at all.

Sharpton himself was back in Ferguson until the election. He met with President Obama the day after the election. One can only speculate as to how that conversation went.

The so-called peace keeper, Highway Patrol Capt. Ron Johnson said “There’s gonna be a lot of angry young people that’s pretty much not gonna listen to the system any more,” 42-year-old Michael Johnson says. “Why should they?”

This sounds like an officer hand-picked by our administration.

That’s not to say the Ferguson police department doesn’t need some revamping. Maybe they do and maybe they don’t, but this case doesn’t support or negate it. It does make it glaringly obvious that the residents don’t like the police and race is no small matter.

In September, The Washington Post reported that Mr. Obama brought up Ferguson in several venues.

He cited Ferguson in his United Nations speech as an example of America’s imperfections. Then, at the Congressional Black Caucus event, Obama said, “We know that, statistically, in everything from enforcing drug policy to applying the death penalty to pulling people over, there are significant racial disparities. That’s just the statistics.”

Ferguson “protesters” are fully supported and propped up by the Attorney General of the United States, Eric Holder, and the President of the United States, Barack Obama. This is looney tunes.

He was using Ferguson to gin up his base and further his own ideology and negative views of law enforcement.

Johnson thinks there will be “tough times ahead” according to CBS News online, but he doesn’t believe it will be as bad as predicted.

Government officials have been trying to get Ferguson police chief Thomas Jackson to step down as a carrot to the angry vigilantes who have been demanding that since day one, seemingly without cause.

The county prosecutor, Robert P. McCulloch, has said that if the grand jury does not indict Officer Wilson, he will take the unusual step of releasing the evidence for public scrutiny if a judge approves.

That will continue the violence, widen the divide, and further the flames of discord, at least until the media grows tired of covering it. It will continue to make life difficult for the Ferguson police.

It must make Barack Obama and Eric Holder proud. They see all blacks as victimized and police as unfair and biased in general.

LiveLeaks claimed on Twitter that they have a hacked document released by Anonymous that says the Grand Jury announcement will come sometime around 2PM on Monday. The security firm which was allegedly hacked – ADM – says it’s not true, they don’t handle Ferguson and it’s not their letterhead.

St. Louis County Prosecutor Bob McCulloch’s office told News4 the grand jury is still hearing evidence and the rumors that the decision will be released are not true.

However, a letter sent to parents of University City School District said the decision “is expected to be announced in the next week or so.”

In any case, Ferguson is bracing for a decision soon based on rumors that one is coming and that the Grand Jury did not indict Officer Darren Wilson. It is rumored that at least 8 black residents of Ferguson corroborated the officer’s story.

The autopsy which was leaked online backed up the officer’s story.

Federal charges are also not expected.

Schools, businesses and law enforcement have been preparing for some time. Businesses have boarded up their windows, letters have been sent to parents about preparations and safety procedures ahead of the decision.

Boarded up Dellwood Lounge

Dellwood Lounge, boarded up windows in advance of possible riots.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Ferguson law enforcement are restocking tear gas.

The peaceful protesters are promising to burn Ferguson down if Officer Wilson is not indicted.

According to Anonymous, military vehicles are being sent to Ferguson.

anonvehicles nearFergusonTensions have run high. Michael Brown’s mother, Lesley McSpadden, is currently under investigation for leading a group of 20-30 people who beat up his grandmother for selling Michael Brown T-shirts in a Ferguson lot. McSpadden is also facing possible felony charges – the mob stole the goods.

Ferguson Mayor James Knowles told local media this week that authorities must “prepare for the worst” and he expects demonstrations across the area.

One group of protesters, the Don’t Shoot Coalition, want police to give advanced notice. They say the want to keep things under control and advance the message in a controlled and effective manner.

They turned on their own according to the alleged victim Chris Schaefer who live streamed a meeting from a church with his iPhone after being told no taping was allowed.

He said he was beaten and ran away screaming until he managed to get to a Walgreens.

Patricia Bynes, an active protester who attended the meeting, blamed members of the group Lost Voices for the attack.

“If we’re going to hold police accountable for beating us, we need to hold ourselves accountable for incidents like this,” Bynes said. “I’m not saying all the Lost Voices were involved, but those that weren’t need to get their group under control because they have gotten increasingly violent lately.”

A spokesperson said he didn’t see anyone “get beat”.

Schaefer said 5 or 6 men from the group Lost Voices dragged him and beat him.

Byrnes was described as new to the movement and a naive college kid by two protesters.

We can expect more of this.

Capt. Johnson thinks it won’t be that bad should the Grand Jury refuse to indict but all indications are that it will be. We can expect our president to show great sympathy for the rioters and none for the police if history be the judge.