Ferguson Crazy – Videos


The insanity in Ferguson continues and radicals throughout the country are attempting to make it into a national movement.

Michael Brown’s parents, who were allegedly calling for non-violent protests sounded quite different last night. They are grieving so we might want to give them a pass. There’s nothing worse than losing a child. However, the criminals who destroyed 25 businesses in Ferguson last evening need to be brought to justice.

Michael Brown’s stepdad called for the residents to “Burn this B…h down!”

Got News has confirmed that the Brown and Head (stepfather) families are members of the Bloods. Charles Johnson, editor of Got News, has anonymous sources however.

Michael Brown’s mother yelled at the police who she called, “Mother ….ers”.

via rebel pundit

The following is going on now! These lunatics are making the U.S. into a Third World nation.

Most of Ferguson looked like a ghost town for a while with the National Guard finally dispersed but there are random incidents like the following:

Ferguson now

The protesters are cursing at police and throwing smoke bombs at cops but that’s pretty good for them.

They did also turn over a police car but there were only 44 arrests we are told by the LA Times. Apparently that is something to applaud.

turning over police car

During the night, there were reports of gunfire.

Oh, and then there was this:

reporters robbed

Protesters shut down I 75/85 in Atlanta, arrests are being stepped up:

In D.C., the protesters are defecating in the street:



Demonstrators in Nashville

Demonstrators shut down the Manhattan Bridge:

Manhattan Bridge shut down

After three arrests, protesters left Times Square and are heading for 7th in Manhattan:

Protesters leave Times Square

Blocking Broadway near the Colorado Capitol:

Blocking Broadway near Colorado capitol

Kansas City commies:

Kansas City

Laughingly, President Obama said today that he can’t comment on ongoing investigations. He has done nothing but in the cases of the Cambridge police incident, the case of Trayvon Martin, and in this case.

Obama lies even when videos abound that can prove he’s lying. It’s disgusting.