Ferguson Revolutionaries Threaten to “Tear This Country Apart”


The America haters in Ferguson are burning U.S. flags:

burning the US flag

Kicking in police cars:

rioters in Ferguson

Communists are leading the riots:revolutionaries

confused commies nice flag



They’re threatening the lives of cop families:

Mail Online reports that the Ferguson agitators – Obama’s peeps – are threatening to rape the wives of front line police and kill their children, according to the wife of one officer who has remained anonymous.

The wife told Fox 2 News that they screamed at her husband and threatened a home invasion in an apparent attempt to provoke the officers.

The wife claimed the protesters said: ‘We’re going to go to your house. ‘We`re going to rape your wives then we`re going to kill them and we`re going to kill your children’.

Farrakhan isn’t letting a good crisis go to waste:

Let’s not forget hate monger Farrakhan.

Memorable quotes from the next video:

“These young people (in Ferguson) have been made for the Messiah,”

Let’s die for something,” “like for like, an eye for an eye,”

“…as long as they kill us and go to Wendy’s and have a burger, they’re going to keep killing us but when we die and they die, then soooon, we gonna sit at a table (Farrakhan’s audience rises, applauds, cheers), and talk about we’re (curse), we want some of this (muffled), or tear this G** damn country apart.”

Best of all, Charles Johnson says that the female reporter who released Darren Wilson’s home address is married to a man who works in Eric Holder’s DOJ. That’s interesting. And she’s been arrested in the past for shoplifting. Also interesting.

reporter leaking Wilson's name