Ferguson-Tied Killer Executed Trooper Ponder After He Tried to Help Him


Trooper Ponder


Kentucky State Trooper James Ponder stopped Joseph Thomas Johnson-Shanks, 25, of Florissant, Mo. for driving at 103 mph and/or for driving without a license. A woman and two children were in the car with Shanks. Trooper Ponder went back to his car to call to get Shanks a motel room because he couldn’t let him drive. Shanks’ license was expired.

Ponder was trying to not take him to jail. He was helping him.

Joseph Thomas Johnson-Shanks
Joseph Thomas Johnson-Shanks

Shanks then took off and drove at speeds of 115 mph. The Trooper pursued.

The suspect stopping abruptly, causing the trooper’s vehicle to “make contact” with the rear of the suspect’s vehicle, said Trooper Jay Thomas, a state police spokesman.

“At that point, the suspect leaned out of the driver-side window and fired multiple rounds at the trooper’s car, striking the hood, the windshield and striking our trooper,” Thomas said.

Ponder was hit multiple times and was taken to a hospital, where he died shortly before midnight.

Trooper Ponder was a Navy veteran. He became a trooper in January and loved his job.

Why didn’t Trooper Ponder get back up and send him to jail? His good deed cost him his life.

Shanks is also known as Jay Milehigh on social media and was a Ferguson protester. He lives in the next town to Ferguson. He also showed up at the Michael Brown funeral. Did he shoot Trooper Ponder out of hate? It seems that one must be filled with hate to execute an officer who tried to help him and while he is sitting in his vehicle. Perhaps Trooper Ponder had his gun drawn but no report has indicated that he did which makes it an execution.

When the police cornered Shanks some time later in a wooded area near homes, he refused to put down his weapon and aimed the weapon at the officers. He was shot and killed, saving taxpayers a trial.

How ironic that Shanks posted photographs of himself on Facebook with “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot”.

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