Ferguson’s Militarized Police That Weren’t


The Department of Homeland Security has a program to sell used equipment and trucks to local police around the country so they can protect themselves and their citizens. The Ferguson rioters/protesters have portrayed the Ferguson police as a militarized force, citing the use of armored vehicles and AK-47s.

One has to be careful when buying into that line because it’s a favorite of communists and anarchists. They use it to make themselves look victimized. Many of their riots as Occupiers or Black Lives Matter protesters are staged to make them look victimized by police. The rioters are actually taught how to look like they are being assaulted. A photog is always near by.

It’s been used in Ferguson by the “protesters” and our administration played into it.

In August 2014, Attorney General Eric Holder said that police and citizens need to restore calm.

“I am deeply concerned that the deployment of military equipment and vehicles sends a conflicting message.”

In a statement released just hours after President Obama spoke on the tense situation in suburban St. Louis, Holder said the Justice Department is offering technical help to authorities on the ground with crowd control and maintaining public safety while avoiding extreme uses of force by police.

It is always the fault of the police with this administration.

The police were criticized harshly for one incident in which armored police fired tear gas and rubber bullets at crowds as a response to Molotov cocktails being thrown. They were instructed to cut down on the armored trucks, the tear gas and the rubber bullets. Not long after, the “mostly peaceful protesters” burned down 26 stores in Ferguson and no one responded. Stores that were robbed were left without police assistance through the protests/riots. Police were shot at as was a police helicopter.

Pushing the militarized police narrative pumped up the story of a highly victimized populace. They made it seem as if it were Caracas and Nicolás Maduro was cracking down on dissenting college youth.

Holder also said that the police can’t be seen as an “occupying force”.  That was done for the same purpose.

Barack Obama was careful but did suggest the police are possibly purchasing things the government don’t know were being purchased. That issue was reviewed and there was no “there there”.

If the officers in Ferguson had more protective gear when they were shot, they might not have been hurt.

They weren’t militarized at all according to a Missouri Senator. The tales being told were “fact-free” according to Missouri Senator Roy Blunt but you won’t hear that from our administration.

During this last round of “protests”, the police were again accused of being militarized after the officers were shot.

The situation in Ferguson is very dangerous. They need to protect themselves. Becoming sitting ducks for these violent anarchists is not what people should want for their police.

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