Fidel Castro Regaled as a ‘George Washington’, a ‘Folk Hero’ who ‘Loved’ Cuban People


“Non-cooperation with evil is a sacred duty,” Mahatma Gandhi

The media, one of our presidential candidates and our president are mourning the loss of a cruel and soulless dictator who destroyed his country in the name of communism. From Jill Stein to Joe Avila to Justin Trudeau, it’s a very sad day for the world when the Hitler of Cuba is celebrated as a ‘George Washington’.

The world is an evil place more because of the people who do nothing about it than because of the evil itself.

On MSNBC, Andrea Mitchell insisted in a stock bio that Castro “gave his people better health care and education.” Appearing live by phone, she soon trumpted how Castro “will be revered” for “education and social services and medical care to all of his people.”

That is nonsense. His schools are poor and they are set up to brainwash. The medical care is not good for all his people. Even if that were true, so what? Hitler did some good things as well. Evil overshadows any slight good they did and they didn’t do it because they loved the people, they did it for propaganda purposes.

On ABC Special Report during Nightline, Jim Avila maintained that “even Castro’s critics praised his advances in health care and in education.” He went so far as to tout how Castro “was considered, even to this day, the George Washington of his country among those who remain in Cuba.”

During a phone interview on MSNBC, Chris Matthews asserted that Castro was “a romantic figure when he came into power” and, Matthews wasn’t embarrassed to relay, “we rooted like mad for the guy” who “was almost like a folk hero to most of us.”

What about this retweeted by Ben de Pear, a skeptical editor at channel 4 news:

It was a lie but it only takes one NY Times journalist being duped.

Jill Stein is either very ignorant or she’s so much a Communist that she believes they can do no wrong.

Ana Quintana has a “withering response”.

Castro was a ruthless dictator who executed thousands of opponents and imprisoned tens of thousands. His brother is no better. The Maximum Leader who reneged on his promise of free elections, installed a Communist regime and made his island a pawn in the Cold War. His alliance with the Soviet Union brought the world to the brink of nuclear war in 1962 in what was called the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Well into the 1970s, Fidel was imprisoning gays and long-haired young people in work camps.

Under Fidel Castro Cuba represses nearly all forms of political dissent,” the independent group Human Rights Watch observed in 2008.  He created a repressive state where his secret police and pro-government mobs attacked those who dared to call for democratic change.

His violence was mindless and non-stop. When Fidel Castro ships spotted a tugboat full of refugees on July 1994, he blasted it to pieces with high-pressure fire hoses — 41 refugees died. He used MIG-29 combat pilots to kill unarmed civilians back in 1996.

For millions of Cubans, hope turned to bitter feelings of betrayal as Castro quickly pushed aside former comrades in arms, jailed those who protested, ridiculed the idea of elections and converted Cuba to a one-party Communist state and Soviet satellite. He then proclaimed that he had been a Marxist-Leninist all along.

If his open embrace of communism made him a pariah not only to Washington but to many of his own countrymen, Castro nonetheless became an icon to young leftists around the world disillusioned with the revolutionary sclerosis of the Soviet Union. Hundreds of thousands would give their lives in fruitless guerrilla movements he inspired in places like El Salvador, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Colombia, Peru, Uruguay, Argentina, Chile, Namibia, Angola and Zaire.

President Obama has made Cuba stronger by funneling billions into the communist nation which has been ruled by Raul Castro for years.

Senator Ted Cruz said he hopes we don’t see US officials going to the funeral.

President Obama and Hillary Clinton were endorsed by Fidel Castro and Obama returned the favor with a statement mourning his loss.

These are the real Castro brothers [warning, it is graphic]: