Fired For Finding A Gun While Mowing

Mr. Chevilott, "I did the right thing."

The anti-gun loons will come after you if you find a gun now.

John Chevilott of Michigan was fired after 23 years for finding a damaged and loaded revolver on his job while mowing the lawn. Officially, he was fired for possessing a weapon on work property.

He put the gun in their van hoping the Detroit police would drive by.

‘They said I did the right thing getting it off the street,’ Mr Chevilott told Fox News Detroit. ‘I didn’t do anything wrong,’ he told the station.

For doing the right thing, Mr. Chevilott was fired for violating a rule that employers cannot have a weapon on the job even though he found it. It’s “policy.”

He was terminated two years shy of his planned retirement which makes this very suspect. They added charges of insubordination and unauthorized access to the road yard. Adding charges in these cases is necessary to bolster the original questionable case.

The union and Mr. Chevilott are going to fight.

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