Texas Burning, Second Firefighter Dies


A second firefighter has sacrificed his life to save others as the Texas fires destroy over a million acres, still unabated.

  • Cost of containing fires throughout the state has spiralled to more than $8million
  • 22 separate blazes burning throughout Texas
  • Temporary improvement in weather conditions expected to last only a few days
  • One fire in Stephen County increased in acreage by nearly 90,000 in just 24 hours
  • Hundreds have been evacuated and fears grow of flames spreading to big cities
  • Some fires burning dangerously close to Oklahoma border, where conditions are also ripe for spread
  • Rain forecast for next few days giving weary firefighters some hope

Texans were today desperately praying for rain, as a second firefighter died from injuries sustained battling the terrible wildfires ravaging the state.
Cooler temperatures and calmer winds helped his weary colleagues at last get a handle on the latest wildfire, now spanning three northern Texas counties, but officials warned the let-up was only temporary.
The fires have now been raging for more than a week in Texas, so far burning through 1.4 million acres of land and racking up more than $8million in containment costs

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