First Ambulance Chaser Sues Connecticut Over Newtown – Update

Irving Pinsky. Attorney
Attorney Irving Pinsky. Isn’t This Photo Telling!

photo via Daily Mail

Update 1/1/13: Irv dropped his lawsuit against the state of Connecticut. He said he’s evaluating new evidence and won’t rule out a future suit. Who will he sue next,  he seems so busy participating in extremist rallies?

The first lawyer has made his way into the horrific Newtown tragedy. He has filed a claim on behalf of a six-year old survivor with Connecticut Claims Commissioner J. Paul Vance Jr. who grants permission for lawsuits to move ahead against the state.

Attorney Pinsky claims to have been approached by the parents of a six-year old survivor of the tragedy.

The parents and the children of Newtown have been badly harmed but I would hope lawyers wouldn’t take advantage of that.

Pinsky said his client, six-year old Jane Doe, heard “screaming, cursing and shooting” over the PA system. He said she has sustained emotional and psychological trauma and injury.

She is the most sympathetic of victims but that doesn’t mean it is okay to sue the innocent.

Pinsky said that the state failed to keep the children safe and that the event was foreseeable because the gunman was known to the school. His claim says they had failed to provide a “safe school setting” or design “an effective student safety emergency response plan and protocol.”

He is trying to make it sound as if he wants to make schools more secure but he is suing for $100 million dollars, which certainly does cast doubt on his motives.

As an educator, I don’t see how anyone could have predicted this but I don’t know all the facts of the case. The principal who died trying to save her children had just instituted a school safety plan that was highly secure by school standards. The gunman shot his way through the locked school door. The only thing that could have stopped that was a fortress-like school or an armed guard/staff member.

If it was so foreseeable, why did the parents send their child to this dangerous school?

This country can no longer afford these types of lawsuits.

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