Fascism: First Amendment Collapse at Mizzou


The pampered, bratty children of the left on the Mizzou campus are being encouraged to report any hurtful or hateful speech. The First Amendment aspect of this seems to be lost.

This is an email that was sent out campus-wide. They’re threatening police action for “hateful or hurtful speech”

reporting at MIZZOOU

The university officials admitted in the email that they know hateful and hurtful speech is not against the law but they can refer perpetrators to the Office of Student Conduct to take action – even for hurtful speech apparently. What message does that send to college students? That’s just crying out for a lawsuit.

Brenda Smith-Lezama, vice president of the Missouri Students Association, appeared on MSNBC Tuesday afternoon to express her disdain at people using their First Amendment rights to create a “hostile” and “unsafe” learning environment. Smith-Lezama advocated for a safe space for “healing” rather than “experiencing a lot of hate,” real clear politics reported.

Listen to this dribble, especially the part where the teacher demands the liberal reporter leave as well as the whole anti-First Amendment blather:

The reasons for this is nothing but more of the far-left agenda and it’s as dangerous as the insanity and negativity of the 1960s and 1970s. They’re not blowing up buildings and have found a more effective way to destroy America. The Occupy movement had the same purpose but it was a white movement.

They now have the cause they think will finally transform America. We still don’t know why the president had to go. He expelled one student for annoying the Black Collegians play rehearsal and did much of what they originally asked. Listen to the demand from this student for propagandized, ‘culturally competent’ courses because universities are built on racism and slavery. He also came out against ‘academic Capitalism.’


Listen to the idiotic reasons given for all this trouble so far: Not all students agree with this nonsense. This students wants to know why the football team is running the school.


  1. Alleged remedies for inequality simply create new inequalities. French revolutionaries–under the banner of “liberty, equality, and fraternity”–eliminated the crown and the aristocracy only to elevate themselves, replacing one tyranny with another. The end result of their power lust was Robespierre’s guillotine, which claimed 40,000 lives.

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