First Pantsuit-Clad Presidential Contender Wants to Shape Up


Hillary Rodham Clinton

AP Photo of Hillary Rodham Clinton

Hillary Clinton – aka pants suit – is meeting with Bill Clinton’s diet honcho to get in shape for her 2016 run.

She’ll have to stay away from the wine tastings and the Olive Burgers – now called Hillary Burgers by the cafe that makes them.

I wonder if she runs sprints while eating Burger King as Bill once did.

In a hard hitting news report by the investigative team at far-left Slate Magazine, Hillary was asked the tough questions, like what she likes to eat.

Pants suit said a smorgasboard comes over her when she sits down to eat [frankly it shows]. She likes American cuisine of course, anything else would mean she is not running for president of the United States in 2016.

According to the New York Post, Hillary had dinner with Dr. Mark Hyman and his girlfriend on Sunday. Hyman, who runs the Ultra Wllness Center in Lenox, Massachusetts, helped her husband lose 24 pounds.

There are rumors that she has had plastic surgery or some kind of skin-smoothing treatments.

Hillary's best face forward