FISA Memo Will Live Up to Hype with Four Revelations Not Yet Leaked


Republicans said Thursday that the FISA abuse memo will contain four revelations that have not leaked out. They promise to be explosive.

“Senior Republicans are pushing back on reports suggesting that this memo will not live up to the hype, telling me there are four separate explosive revelations in the memo that have not leaked out ahead of tomorrows expected release,” reporter Ed Henry told Fox News host Martha MacCallum.

Henry said if true, it will vindicate Devin Nunes.

Jim Comey will reportedly have some answering to do, which explains this tweet.


  1. Serial leaker and liar Jim Comey is actually calling other people weasels? Hey Jimbo, after this stuff hits the fan there aren’t gonna be any streets named for you either.

  2. Democrats are asserting the Memo is basically an interpretation of facts, an analysis. Their “upcoming Memo” would give their own ‘analysis’.

    We should look at the Intelligence Report regarding Russia as the same because it was rife with the words “we assess”. They didn’t use definitive words such as “we found” or “we uncovered”.

    Daniel Greenfield, the SultanKnish, writes a comparison of this current Dossier with what happened with Dan Quayle. I recall that when it happened and just common sense told me it was a fraud.

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