Flashback! Barack Obama Colluded with Russia


Democrats led by Chuck Schumer are demanding President Trump cancel his meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Where were they when Barack Obama colluded with Russia?

Community organizer Barack Obama began and ended his administration with no understanding fo the threat Russia posed to the U.S. and her allies. He continually catered to Russia and presented no resistance in the face of Russian aggression and invasion.

The future president mocked Mitt Romney in 2012


The reset was the launching pad for Russian aggression while the U.S. sat on her hands under the leadership of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

She couldn’t even get the plastic button right.


In the worst display of collusion during the missile defense talks, President Obama wanted Medvedev to convey to Putin this message: “After my election, I have more flexibility”.

Obama gave away the missile defense system in Eastern Europe in 2009 but he planned to get more flexible judging from what he said on the hot mic.

Imagine if Donald Trump did this?


President Barack Obama’s lofty praise of Russia during the reset Was embarrassing. He encouraged Americans to “expand dialogue and cooperation” while “partnering” with “our former adversaries”.

“Progress must be shared,” he said.


Obama gave away the missile defense plans for Poland and the Czech Republic for nothing in return.

The U.S. uranium mine went to Russia under his watch.

In March, 2014, Barack Obama was giving away tactical military equipment to the Russian Federation for free and in secret.

The foolish reset caused him to turn a blind eye to the invasion of Crimea and the danger Russia presents. Barack Obama believed in leading from behind, from a point of weakness.

Even after Russia invaded Crimea, he saw them as a simple “spoiler”. Then he took the weapons away from Ukraine, leaving them defenseless. It was a critical error.

The Obama Administration did seek to shore up NATO’s eastern flank through the European Reassurance Initiative (ERI), which stationed rotating troops in Poland and the Baltics while increasing the budget for U.S. support. Nevertheless, the President resisted calls from Congress, foreign policy experts, and his own cabinet to provide lethal weapons to Ukraine that would have raised the costs on Russia and helped Kyiv defend itself against Russian military incursion into the Donbas.


In March, 2014, Obama handed over Eastern Ukraine to Russia in an absurd underreaction. Putin met with little resistance – some sanctions Putin cared nothing about.

As Obama told Jeffrey Goldberg, Russia’s interests trumped ours.

Remember when Russia said a lot of Ukrainians are actually Russian descent and speak Russian so Russian interests must be considered first? Obama bought that line, but by those standards, we should give Brighton Beach to Putin.

Obama’s response was to say Russia was merely a ‘regional power” and is invading out of “weakness”.


Obama mostly ignored Russia’s influence in the election. Allegedly, he called on the red phone the month after he told Russia to “cut it out” and threatened a cyberwar.


For all his public contempt of Putin, it never translated into tougher policies.

Trump, on the other hand, approved lethal weapons to Ukraine, shut down Russia’s consulate in San Francisco as well as two additional diplomatic annexes, and rather than rolling back sanctions, Trump signed into law additional sanctions on Russia, expanded LNG sales to a Europe dependent in Russian gas imports, and increased the Pentagon’s European Reassurance Initiative budget by 40 percent. (A President who berated U.S. investments for European defense has actually dramatically increased American military presence on Europe’s threatened borders.)

The National Security Strategy of 2017, brought a much-needed dose of realism to a conversation too often dominated by abstractions like the “liberal world order”, singles out both China and Russia as key geopolitical rivals.”


  1. His sense of moral superiority, the belief that disarmament agreements and mutual peace pacts among potential enemies, along with a de-escalation of hostile rhetoric, is the way to prevent war. Those who disagree with them must be correspondingly degraded or demonized.

  2. Trump should publicly announce that he and Putin will meet later this year, after the November elections, when he may have more flexibility…,want to bet what the response will be from the Dems/Media…..Hypocrisy beyond belief,

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