Flashback! Dem Rep Gives Away the Agenda to Abolish All Guns


Flashback! In March 2013, Rep. Jan Schakowsky gave away the Democrat agenda on guns. Banning assault rifles is just the beginning, she said.

Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-IL) thought she was talking to a supporter when she revealed the goal of the Democratic Party – abolish handguns eventually.

Schakowsky is against handguns, not just assault rifles.

You had to know this was coming. She says the universal background checks are also only the beginning.

This is why no one wants to give an inch on federalizing background checks. The Dems want to use it later on to confiscate or whatever their playbook calls for.


  1. I finally watched the video of Anderson Cooper with Hogg and his dad. In that interview he basic points are about what is necessary so another Cruz wouldn’t be allowed to have guns. That sounds all well and good, Now, After getting a huge backlash from all over. He doesn’t like that it has taken this turn. Well, when you START by condemning Trump as being the fault and the NRA being culpable what does he expect. He was also too “above” going to the White House to offer input, Even Though he DID want the people in Government to provide solutions.

    I had to suffer through listening to Cooper and his going after all those who brought up the “coached” video and the calls of “crisis actor”, which Is ridiculous because, if anything, the kid is a willing stooge. Cooper complains about the reaction to Hogg, but what about the Dad who was searching for his daughter, who Was killed, and the twitter response to HIM because he had on a Trump shirt. That Dad was at the White House with his two sons. That’s a damn far cry from Hogg, whose family is ALIVE and the Pollack family who LOST a daughter. Hogg may have had his “feelings” hurt and that is minor. I bet, as an aspiring journalist, he is using this time to “create’ a career for himself and to use ALL this airtime that all the networks, even Fox, give him, for that purpose. And THAT is why I have little to No respect for the kid.

  2. I saw a clip of the CNN Townhall with Rubio and the one kid named Conner, I think. It was ALL about the NRA among the cheers and jeers of the audience. They wanted assurances that Rubio would never take any money from the NRA. All Rubio did was weasel around it. This was The Perfect time for Rubio to “educate” these ignorant children About the NRA. They are NOT the demons the communist left want to make them out to be. If nothing else ask the kid if an NRA member has even did one of these shootings.

  3. It seems common sense is never at the table when the Second Amendment is the topic. Democrats take the extreme view wanting only a few guns permitted. In addition they are fanatically addicted to funding the death of the unborn.

  4. This congresswoman had a huge tax problem. Her husband went to jail over it. But she also signed the tax forms. Go figure, she was not investigated.

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