#Flush Target Is On the Road!



Target is embattled over their new bathroom policy which they deceptively call a transgender policy. Their stock has gone down, there are ‘buycotts’ throughout the nation, and an online petition has more than 1.2 million signers.

There is a new campaign by Life Site News and the Child Protection League in Minnesota, to #FlushTarget because they say Target is putting women and girls in danger of sexual predators.

The protesters noticed that it’s not a transgender policy. It’s a gender fluid bathroom policy and it’s nuts!

“They are opening bathrooms to all men, whether transgender or non-transgender,” said Julie Quist of the Child Protection League. Their campaign truck features the image of a young girl being confronted by a man in the restroom, captioned, “What about her rights to privacy and protection?” The truck will stop at every Target store in the state over the next few weeks.

“Everyone has the right to use the bathroom safely and in privacy without fear of being raped or assaulted,” said Claire Chretien, national spokeswoman for Life Site News. “Unfortunately, Target, one of America’s largest retail chains, has decided to let any man access women’s bathrooms in their stores.”

Organizers of the movement have stressed that the purpose of their campaign is not to move against transgender individuals but strictly to protect the rights and privacy of women and children.

They will hit 75 stores.

Did the government and their cowardly toadies in stores like Target finally go too far?

They also have an online petition.