Food Stamp President Marches Forward!



I did a little editing to the USDA poster above which invites more people to apply for food stamps. The USDA is still advertising in Mexico for people to come over and collect.

Food stamps have grown over 45% under President Obama – another historic landmark for the food stamp president.

We now have almost 50 million Americans (and illegal people) on food stamps, one of the big freebies in the great American giveaway program. We are adding over 11,000 people to the program per day. [CNS News] and [The Weekly Standard]

Does it bother anyone that 23% of the people in DC, our nation’s capitol, are on food stamps? Isn’t that where our nation’s leaders are? Aren’t they embarrassed that they are surrounded by people living off food stamps?

How about these statistics: More people are on food stamps in the US than the entire population of Spain or Canada. Almost as many are on food stamps in the US as the population of England and our food stamp recipients number more than five times the population of Austria.

If the economy is coming back and the jobs are improving as this administration claims, why are the food stamp rolls growing?

This is the government that thinks unemployment is a great job stimulator. These people are nuts.