Food Stamps Putting Frauds on Easy Street


Brilliantly, the government made food stamps much easier to get by giving people cards they can request electronically and use like debit cards. They don’t even need photo ID. This loosey-goosey approach costs us money. Millions of recipients are now selling their cards for cash and then getting replacement cards from the government.

States don’t even have the power to investigate or ask for formal statements as to why they are seeking replacement cards. The Agriculture Department now wants to change that. They also want to limit replacement cards to three times in one year.

The Agriculture Department is concerned about cards being sold on eBay and Craigslist and wants these companies (and Facebook and Twitter) to notify customers that it’s illegal to buy and sell food stamps.

Food stamp fraud costs taxpayers about $750 million a year according to the government. Last year, about 850,000 people were investigated for possible food stamp fraud. About 2,000 stores were sanctioned for illegal conduct, and 1,200 stores were permanently removed from the food stamp program.

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