Football’s Future Is Heading for a Brick Wall


When the NFL settled a class action concussion suit for $765 million with 4500 players, it seemed a mistake for the future of football for very little financial gain for anyone but the lawyers. The players will receive less than $200,000 while the lawyers will get $200,000,000. The players are disgusted because they wanted more from the settlement. I wonder why they were entitled to anything.

The NFL didn’t admit guilt but…

How is it the NFL’s fault that players played after having concussions? The NFL knew as much as the players. Aren’t people responsible for their own well-being? When did anyone think football didn’t encompass inherent dangers? The tobacco suits were the same thing. People knew cigarette smoking was bad for their health long before C. Everett Koop said it was.

There are people who hope to make football into a boring, ‘safe’ game and if this kind of thing keeps up, they might succeed.

There was a small article in Newsday this week about three former college football players who are suing the NCAA, claiming the NCAA didn’t educate them about the risks of concussions and did not do enough to prevent, diagnose and treat brain injuries.

The NCAA is responsible for this now? The players aren’t responsible for themselves? The players couldn’t figure this out on their on?

Two players, Chris Walker and Ben Martin, played for Tennessee from 2007-2011, and Dan Ahern, played for North Carolina State from 1972-1976, [1972 to 1976?!?] and filed the class action lawsuit in Chattanooga federal court. The suit alleges the NCAA neglected the players who are ‘suffering the dramatic consequences.’

Dan Ahern

Dan Ahern

It is tragic that these men are suffering brain injury. Sports can lead to all kinds of medical problems later on including severe arthritis, paralysis, any number of medical disabilities. Did anyone ever doubt that?

People like to blame everyone else.

The only reason the NFL is being sued is because they have the money and the lawyers are getting more than 25% of the winnings. The lawyers didn’t even go to court, they simply brokered a settlement.

Unfortunately, these lawsuits tend to be settled because no one knows how a jury will decide, but it opens up football for some serious modifications down the road.