For Rent – White House Situation Room


For Rent-White House Situation Room


Beautifully appointed, barely used, fully furnished, clean, very private conference room with all the bells and whistles. Large mahogany desk, leather, chairs, multiple big screen T.V.’s, plus unlimited internet access.

Current tenant, our Chief Executive, travels extensively, hasn’t used the room in years, and is interested in supplementing his fundraising by subleasing this on either a per diem or hourly basis. $pace will be made available based on competitive bids submitted by interested parties.

In the event of a presidential photo-op, (i.e. killing Bin Laden, Hurricane Sandy), current tenant reserves the right to reclaim the room with less than one hours notice.

PLEASE CALL 1-386-372-4737 That’s 1-FUN-DRA-ISER