Foreigners, Including Illegal Aliens, Can Vote in College Park, MD


Among our nation’s most sacred rights are the right to vote and of self-governance. People who uphold America’s values are given the right to vote. However, some on the far-left are changing that in some cities and towns. In a suburb outside D.C., four people sitting on a city council just diluted the vote of citizens living in their city. They are also redefining what it means to be a citizen.

Americans who have no clue of what it means to be an American will allow foreigners, including illegal aliens, whose loyalties are with foreign nations, decide who will represent them, how funds will be collected and allocated, and much more.

The city council in College Park, Maryland, a city of 30,000, has voted in favor of allowing non-citizens to vote in local elections in what was a very contentious debate inside city hall. The new measure includes legal and illegal immigrants.

Unlike most other states, Maryland allows towns and cities to decide for themselves who can vote in local elections. In recent years, Hyattsville,Mount Rainier, Takoma Park and several smaller towns have extended that privilege to noncitizens. Beginning in 2019, College Park will join them.

This is in response to President Trump’s attempted crackdown.

The measure passed 4 to 3 and was contentious after a summer-long debate. One man who was opposed was called a Nazi. Some said it was a slap in the face of people who came legally. Others said it was “welcoming” and in the interest of “inclusivity”.

To be precise, it’s an invitation to open borders and illegal immigration.

San Francisco voters approved a referendum in November to allow noncitizens with children in public schools to vote in school board elections. Chicago has allowed noncitizens to vote in school board elections since 1989.

In Massachusetts, Amherst, Cambridge, Newton and Brookline have passed laws that would allow legal permanent residents to vote but cannot put them into effect unless the state passes its own legislation.

Tucker Carlson addressed it with one of the so-called Americans who supported the decision.


  1. The near suicidal decision to take hundreds of thousands of ME refugees among whom ISIS has PROMISED to infiltrate (already demonstrated in the EU);
    -allowing, ENCOURAGINGE millions of illegals to pour into the country over the border;
    – the perverted application of the 14th amendment allowing the use of anchor babies to protect their illegal alien parents who committed a criminal act with their first foot fall on our soil;
    -the perpetual and aggressive refusal to secure honest and verified voter rolls;
    – Democrats “great compassion” for illegals to be allowed drivers’ licenses, a single checked box has them registered to vote.
    ALL the above, along with every other Democrat and Republican Elitist primary goal, to forever eliminate an opposition party transforming our Constitutional Republic, “of, by and for the people, into the United Marxist State, a place where Liberty no longer exists and all “freedoms,” preapproved by the State.

  2. Nothing lends greater credibility to this assertion than Chuckie “just a little porky” Schumer’s recent challenge to President Trump: “prove you are not a white supremacist by allowing illegals to vote.” BAM.
    Many among us have long wondered, what’s wrong with Republicans who agree with these perverted ideologies? Don’t they know it would spell utter destruction of their party? Well now we know, without a hint of doubt, the answer…THEY DONT CARE. America’s best interests, our very survival as the world’s beacon of Liberty and freedom, is NOT their primary concern, not even close. Blinded by their ambitions, by their insatiable thirst for money and power, they will gladly move forward regardless the letters after their names.
    I do not know how, or if, federal codes/statutes apply to non-federal elections. But rest assured once these illegals start voting for school board members, there is NOTHING standing in their way to vote in the next presidential, senatorial or congressional election.

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