Foreigners Will Soon Vote in New York City Thanks to the Hard Left


evil Melissa mark-viverito

New York City is now run by the hard left, not only the Mayor Bill Fidel Castro de Blasio. There is the Speaker of the New York City Council, Melissa Mark-Viverito, who is his ideological twin. She is a former SEIU organizer, far-left activist, a former occupier. She refuses to pledge allegiance to the US flag even for mere ceremony.

She wants to grant voting rights to non-citizens — including, perhaps, illegal immigrants — in all municipal elections. The city is now comprised of 40% foreigners.

“I believe that in a democracy, everybody should participate, and I don’t see how you call something a democracy when you don’t give everybody that opportunity to participate,” said Queens Councilman Daniel Dromm, Mark-Viverito’s point-person for non-citizen voting.

“They are American in every way but immigration status. They’ve done everything right,” Elia says. “They’ve worked hard in school, some have even served in the military, but when it’s time to apply for a license, they’re told, ‘Stop. That’s far enough.’ We shouldn’t close the door on their dreams.”

Obviously nothing she promotes is in any way democracy.

Along with the other leftists running the city, she wants to be sure they maintain power in perpetuity. There is also the long-range goal of destroying the value of US citizenship.

The New York Post reported that support for the Mark-Viverito-Dromm scheme ranges from the left-leaning usual suspects to hard-core-crazy communists — with Citizens Action of New York (“We work to elect progressive candidates!”) leading the way; hyperpolitical unions like the Service Employees International Union and Communications Workers of America following; activists of all sorts bobbing along in the wake — and George Soros’ Open Society Institute writing lots of checks.

She will get her way and she will include the half-million illegals in the city who she has been paying off with tax dollars and donations from communists. She calls it reaching out.

The Observer reported that:

The Council pushed for an additional $2.5 million in Mayor Bill de Blasio’s November plan update to the current fiscal year’s budget to help with the local roll out of the program, Ms. Mark-Viverito said, which will help the city work with existing non-profits and other partners to reach out to the 500,000 undocumented immigrants who call New York City home.

“I don’t believe you should be criminalizing anybody who has an intention to come here because they want to provide for their families and don’t see any other means to do it,” evil Melissa told the AP in an interview last April.

The Constitution and the rights of other Americans be damned. She will decide the law.

The Council is partnering with the New York Immigration Coalition, which is a Marxist open borders advocacy group. They helped organize various May Day (Communist) immigrant-rights demonstrations that were held throughout New York State in 2010. The Coalition supports Rep. Luis Gutierrez of Illinois, another far-left open borders agitator.

Mark-Vivierto is herself a millionaire hypocrite parading around as a champion of equality for all, owning more than $1.5 million in property in Puerto Rico.

According to the NY Post, she bought a house funded partly by taxpayers and plum forgot to declare rental income to municipal ethics authorities.

Daniel Greenfield, reporting for FrontPage Magazine, remembered her refusal to say the Pledge before meetings until she became serious about the Council position.

She is known to have friends in anti-American, communist places. Bolivia’s president is a friend and she has traveled with Evo Morales who was friends with the likes of Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez and former Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

She has a history of wanting to free communist spies.

In 2009, she wrote a letter to the United Nations’ High Commissioner for Human Rights in Geneva, claiming that the so-called “Cuban Five’’ were “unjustly imprisoned in the United States for trying to prevent terrorist attacks against Cuba.’’

The five communist spies who were supposedly “unjustly imprisoned” infiltrated a naval base in Florida. They were convicted in 2001 of espionage conspiracy against the United States and are lucky they weren’t executed.

“One of the five, Gerardo Hernandez, was convicted of murder conspiracy — for providing information about the flight plans of two small planes shot down by the Cuban government in 1996, killing four,” the NY Post reported.

Mark-Vivierto wanted more family visitations for these losers.

Mark Viverito was born on April 1, 1969, in Bayamón, P.R., to Anthony Mark, an ophthalmologist, and Elizabeth Viverito, who founded an early Puerto Rican feminist group. In an interview, her mother said she raised Melissa and her two brothers to mistrust convention. She posted a reminder in the family’s kitchen that what they were taught in school was only “an amalgam of current prejudice.”

Mark-Viverito has a reliably far-left agenda and sees racism under every rock and behind every tree.

She has referred to the FALN terrorists as non-violent. In 2010, she supported a parole bid for FALN leader Oscar Lopez Rivera who was one of the bombers of the Fraunces Tavern in lower Manhattan. The majority of the terrorists were sentenced to 50 to 70 years in prison. Her history of support for FALN terrorists is to be expected since she herself is a Puerto Rican Separatist.

In 2014, Mark-Viverito hijacked the Puerto Rican day parade from patriotic Puerto Ricans and used it to honor the terrorist Rivero insisting he was only convicted of “seditious acts.” The bombing killed four and injured 50 others.

Early in 2015, she eulogized a convicted terrorist and sponsor of political violence against the United States, calling her “our icon and national patriot.” Terrorist, Isabel Rosado Morales, died in Puerto Rico at the age of 107. She was unrepentant and spoke of using gun violence to obtain liberation at age 105.

Morales was imprisoned three times for sedition and the last time was for a gun attack on the floor of the House of Representatives when four Puerto Rican nationalists shot and wounded five U.S. Congressmen from the gallery.

Morales was arrested after a gun battle. She received a 17 year sentence.

This is who Mark-Viverito holds up as an icon while harshly criticizing the NYPD for alleged abuse.

The city is going down. Detroit, here we come.

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