Forget Free Speech If You Post Signs Saying That You Wont Hire Until Obama Is Gone


A Georgia businessman was reported to the FBI because he hung signs on his trucks (U.S. Cranes) saying that he isn’t going to hire until Obama is gone.

The  signs say: “New Company Policy: We are not hiring until Obama is gone,” When asked why, he said, “Can’t afford it.”

He posted the photos of the signs on Facebook. It went viral and some moron reported him as a threat to national security. The businessman, Bill Looman, a former Marine, said the FBI who paid him a visit were joking and laughing when they left and probably viewed it as a big waste of their time.

My guess is that a Facebook loon reported him. I know of people reported for similar comments. It’s their anti-free speech colors showing.

Let’s take this as a lesson – don’t let the statists make you afraid. They want to silence their opponents.

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