Forget Paterno, Go After Judge Leslie Dutchot


We Need to Hear Some Outrage Over Judge Leslie Dutchot



Update: AP reports that a new judge has been appointed in the Penn State case. How about demanding a censure of Judge Dutchot while we are at it.


Roto-Reuters reports that the jerk of a judge who released Jerry Sandusky, pervert extraordinaire (allegedly) has no ankle monitor and no restrictions except not to have any contact with minors, witnesses or alleged victims. There are no restrictions on his travel and he could actually go on to the Penn State campus if he chooses to do so.

If you have any doubts about whether or not the judge is wrong in this case, read this Grand Jury testimony. Trust me, it’s horrific, so be forewarned.

While we are all ripping into Paterno and McQueary, who said he did stop the assault, maybe we should take a look at the irresponsible judges and their lax attitude. It is important to note that this judge didn’t even have the decency to recuse herself despite the fact that she donated to his charity, Second Mile. The LA Times reports that this judge might have benefited from fundraising by this charity.

Where’s the outrage over this?

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Sara Noble

Sara Noble

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