Former Bush AG Says Flynn Indictment Shows They Don’t Have “Very Much Else”


Former Bush attorney general Mike Mukasey agreed with Alan Dershowitz Sunday that the Flynn plea agreement doesn’t prove Mueller has uncovered anything — quite the opposite.

“A lot of the heavy breathing and a lot of the speculation is completely unwarranted,” Mukasey told ABC News’s “This Week.”

“That plea agreement does not, to me, indicate that there’s very much else there.”

Famed attorney Alan Dershowitz said Saturday that the indictment proves they have nothing.

Onward with the witch hunt and speculation anyway.


  1. When will Mueller start to investigate his homey, Comey? Obstruction of Justice?, Marine Lt. Mueller, are you kidding me???????

  2. Mueller is a loyal obstructionist. He is reluctant to investigate a fellow obstructionist. The FBI leadership is replete with liberal sympathizers and self-protecting criminals! They’ve got each other’s backs.

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