Former Chicago Police Superintendent Blames DoJ in Part for Chicago Shootings


This is a very interesting interview with the former police superintendent of Chicago Garry McCarthy who resigned under pressure one year ago. In fact, he took the hit for Rahm Emanuel.

He said the gangs are low-level criminals and don’t shoot themselves over drugs, but because they are on a different team. Only 20% to 30% of the gang shootings are over drugs. Mr. McCarthy said the gangs are generational at this point.

McCarthy said the proactive policing was working but across the country it has come under fire. Criminals are emboldened and police are hamstrung. The problem is the Department of Justice.

The DoJ he said is responsible for emboldening criminals.

How can that be? Isn’t the Obama-Lynch 21st Policing a success?


  1. McCarthy when in office was a loyal left winger, he had at times invoked the names of Palin and others as causes of gun violence. He will never blame himself. He needs to say and do a lot more if he is going to redeem himself for his irresponsible past statements and acts. My guess is he received a huge severance for taking the rap for Emanuel’s coverup. He speaks now only in the context of whatever lucrative severance agreement he received.

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