Former CIA Deputy Director Says Politicizing Intelligence Agencies Might Have Been a Bad Idea


If you doubt there is a deep state, this might help change your mind. Mike Morell admitted the heads of the intelligence agencies were all against the President and the President’s reaction to it is understandable.

According to The Intercept, the president is allegedly considering a kind of rogue agency to protect Director Pompeo. The intelligence agencies are still Obama agencies. Only the heads are President Trump’s people.

Mike Morell, deep state official

In an interview with a Politico Magazine reporter, Mike Morell came to the conclusion that it might not have been such a great idea for the intelligence agencies, including him, to become so political.

Mike Morell, the former CIA deputy director, endorsed Hillary Clinton for president last summer and trashed Donald Trump. In an op-ed on the New York Times, he wrote:

On Nov. 8, I will vote for Hillary Clinton. Between now and then, I will do everything I can to ensure that she is elected as our 45th president.

Two strongly held beliefs have brought me to this decision. First, Mrs. Clinton is highly qualified to be commander in chief. I trust she will deliver on the most important duty of a president — keeping our nation safe. Second, Donald J. Trump is not only unqualified for the job, but he may well pose a threat to our national security.

During the Politico interview this week, he admitted intelligence agencies became highly critical of the President, worked against him, and it was understandable he’d see this as a concerted movement against him. Next up is the transcript after he was asked by the reporter if it was a mistake. While he says it wasn’t, he obviously sees the problems with it a year into the Trump presidency:

Morell: So, I don’t think it was a mistake. I think there were downsides to it that I didn’t think about at the time. I was concerned about what is the impact it would have on the agency, right? Very concerned about that, thought that through. But I don’t think I fully thought through the implications.

And one of the ways I’ve thought about that, Susan, is—okay, how did Donald Trump see this? Right? And from—it’s very important—one of the things we do as intelligence analysts is make sure that our guy—the president—understands the other guy. Right?

So, let’s put ourselves here in Donald Trump’s shoes. So, what does he see? Right? He sees a former director of CIA and a former director of NSA, Mike Hayden, who I have the greatest respect for, criticizing him and his policies. Right? And he could rightfully have said, “Huh, what’s going on with these intelligence guys?” Right?

Glasser: It embroiders his narrative.

Morell: Exactly. And then he sees a former acting director and deputy director of CIA criticizing him and endorsing his opponent. And then he gets his first intelligence briefing, after becoming the Republican nominee, and within 24 to 48 hours, there are leaks out of that that are critical of him and his then-national security advisor, Mike Flynn.

And so, this stuff starts to build, right? And he must have said to himself, “What is it with these intelligence guys? Are they political?” The current director at the time, John Brennan, during the campaign occasionally would push back on things that Donald Trump had said.

So, when Trump talked about the Iran nuclear deal being the worst deal in the history of American diplomacy, and he was going to tear it up on the first day—John Brennan came out publicly and said, “That would be an act of folly.” So, he sees current sitting director pushing back on him. Right?

Then he becomes president, and he’s supposed to be getting a daily brief from the moment he becomes the president-elect. Right? And he doesn’t. And within a few days, there’s leaks about how he’s not taking his briefing. So, he must have thought—right?—that, “Who are these guys? Are these guys out to get me? Is this a political organization? Can I think about them as a political organization when I become president?”

So, I think there was a significant downside to those of us who became political in that moment. So, if I could have thought of that, would I have ended up in a different place? I don’t know. But it’s something I didn’t think about.

How can Americans trust these people?

Morell isn’t fully aware of just how awful his actions were but he’s starting to get it. As Byron York said, the light bulb went off and maybe it wasn’t such a great idea to leak and bash the incoming president.


  1. Kevin Shipp, former CIA Officer in Anti-Terrorism had an interesting talk about the “Shadow Government” and even suggested how it possible to save billions in worthless spending.

  2. Catherine Herridge looks to have an interesting report. The FBI already had contacts with Steele and the information in the dossier. It was after the election that McCain secured a copy of it and then gave it to the FBI. THIS caused the FBI to give the dossier more credence. Once again we have McCain acting as traitor to country AND a RUSSIAN AGENT! No wonder he called Rand Paul,, Russian agents. He was covering for himself.

  3. With what we know at this point, the House Intelligence Hearing around May is quite fascinating, in that we actually have a construct in everything Brennan is saying in what he considers “classified”. The smoke is dissipating and the mirror is becoming cleaner.

    In analyzing what he says about Intelligence Gathering it has become more transparent that the combined Intelligence gathering and analysis lacks substance. It is apparent Now that, as a country, we know very little in Russian operations, even though Brennan says we have the best in the world.

    Our Agencies have changed little since the Carter Administration whereby he “believed” it was better for Intelligence to be gathered primarily through electronic means. This had been a disaster and continues to be disastrous. It is why the US has had to rely significantly on the Israelis. This cooperation was misunderstood by Fox News’ Brit Hume and the Fox reporter when accusing Israel of being complicit in 9-11. Israeli HUMINT is scattered throughout the world and those means are used for their Intelligence gathering. This has allowed them local data from the Osirak reactor in Iraq, nuclear site in Syria, interdiction operations in Libya and a host of others.

    There is one operation not widely known. When Bush decided on the “surge in Iraq” the result was considered successful. The few thousand troops would not have been sufficient to accomplish such a dramatic turnaround. Instead reports from Israeli Intelligence stated Iran wanted a sympathetic review of the President’s Intelligence report. For that change Iran would remove their insurgency from Iraq. Us News reports were surprised the change in Iran’s status in December of that year. Soon after the surge was deemed an astounding success and was used in subsequent policies.

  4. More interesting dots to connect. There was George Papadopoulos and the association with the State Department and Now Nellie Ohr with DOJ’s “Expert Working Group Report on International Organized Crime“. Bruce Ohr is listed along with Glenn Simpson. The Daily Caller reported the think tank apparently cut ties with Simpson earlier this year.

    Open Source Works, which is the CIA’s in-house open source analysis component, is devoted to intelligence analysis of unclassified, open source information…according to a November 2010 CIA report, Open Source Works “was charged by the [CIA] Director for Intelligence with drawing on language-trained analysts to mine open-source information for new or alternative insights on intelligence issues. Open Source Works’ products, based only on open source information, do not represent the coordinated views of the Central Intelligence Agency.”

    The spider web is catching more and more in its threads.

  5. The Syren’s call of politics, i. e. absolute power, always corrupts. In the beginning it was called a serpent, many hundreds of years ago, it was Pharaoh, then King, today, The Swamp or Deep State or Administrative State.

    So, why are we so surprised?

    WASS-OYS (We Are So Screwed-Oh, Ye, Suckers)

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