Former Clinton Aide Describes Obama’s Anti-Trump “War Room” Blocks from the WH


Earlier this year, there were reports that Valerie Jarrett moved into the Obama mansion in D.C. to engage in subversive activities against Trump and his agenda. Reports of offices set up for a staff of 12 hired explicitly for this purpose surfaced at the end of last year.

Dick Morris has more detailed information about what he calls a war room set up two miles from the White House in a building where Michelle Obama and others have their offices.

Morris said they hold conference calls every morning and develop talking points for the media to undermine and sabotage President Trump.

Recently, they have been concentrating on keeping Obamacare in tact.

Kathleen Sebellius is going on a month-long bus tour to pressure congressmen to give up on healthcare reform and is an active member of this secret group. Andrew Slavitt, former head of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services is also active in the group.

They work with all the usual miserable leftists, sympathetic governors, liberal think tanks, insurance lobbyists, academic and others. “Protect Our Care” is the name of the effort and it was formed in November after Trump was elected. That was Obama’s idea of a smooth transition. That is the overt group.

The covert group is comprised of the Obama embeds in the agencies. The leaks are designed to destroy the President and they get away with it because the President doesn’t have his appointees in place. They are being slow-walked by Democrats. Democrats changed the rules to make it more difficult to get nominees appointed. Republicans could in turn change the rules but they won’t.

The media created by Dick Morris disappeared but we have two other videos that say the same thing.