Former Mexican President Calls All Trump Supporters Lazy, Uneducated, TV-Watching Drunks


Nancy Pelosi conspired with Vincente Fox in Mexico this week according to the Washington Examiner and Fox’s own tweet. Fox said he discussed ways he can help convince Latin American immigrants in the United States to reject Trump.

Fox just took on Donald Trump in a very public way. He is known to be a charmer though he came up short in his latest tirade in which he called all Trump supporters lazy, uneducated, TV-watching, beer drinking drunks.

At the same time, the often vulgar, outspoken former president, bragged about the great, hard-working Mexicans, and many are, but failed to mention the drug cartels crossing into the USA. Border agents have said that the majority of people coming to the US now are drug dealers.

With unmitigated gall, during his tirade, he said of Trump followers, “We need to wake up that citizen. We need them to take them away from the TV and drinking beer, to working hard, to getting the skills, to getting knowledge, and they will come along, like everybody else.”

Then he complained that he and his fellow Mexicans aren’t getting “respect”.

Here is is tweeting about his meeting with leftist dingbat and faux liberal Pelosi.

Fox is trolling Trump on Twitter, calling him a ‘false prophet’, criticizing his manufacturing in China and Mexico, and claiming that “waving a Mexican flag [in the US at an anti-Trump, pro open borders protest] doesn’t make you a criminal, it demonstrates that diversity it’s the real strength of America.”

He doesn’t mean diversity, he means open borders.

Anti-Trump protest in California.
Anti-Trump protest in California.

This week he apologized for dropping the “F” word on Trump and then followed up with insults, adding that he is endorsing Hillary Clinton. Not only do we have illegal aliens voting in US elections, foreigners are endorsing the Democrats while John Kerry gives speeches about preparing for ‘borderless nations‘.

The racist Fox (who has accused Trump of racism) insulted African-Americans about ten years ago during a meeting with Texas business people in which he said, “There is no doubt that Mexicans, filled with dignity, willingness and ability to work, are doing jobs that not even blacks want to do there in the United States”.

“Not even”?

On 30 May 2005, Wiki reported, President Fox told reporters that the majority of the female homicides in Ciudad Juárez had been resolved and the perpetrators placed behind bars. He went on to criticize the media for “rehashing” the same 300 or 400 murders, and said matters needed to be seen in their “proper dimension”.

Only 300 or 400? He did nothing to stop the violence. Instead he lied about it.

In November 2006, the TV network Telemundo released a video that had been recorded previous to an interview with President Fox in which he stated: “Ya hoy hablo libre, ya digo cualquier tontería, ya no importa, ya total, yo ya me voy” which means “Now, I speak freely. Now, I say whatever nonsense. It doesn’t matter anymore. Anyway, I’m already leaving.” Then, during the interview he talked about the violent situation in Oaxaca.

You see, he does know the truth.

In the recent rant, he called Trump supporters fearful and lazy, describing Trump as ‘Almighty Trump.’

The former Mexican president said sarcastically, “Those stupid, those violent Mexicans don’t deserve to work and to build an economy.”

He’s right! They don’t deserve to work in the US illegally.

He admitted that ““Mexicans come to the United States, they don’t even know how to read or write many times. But they come along, they work hard, they go out in the harvesting field, they are hunger to progress, they are hunger to have a job, to make more money. This is what you don’t see in Trump’s followers.”

It’s not clear where he gets his proof but he’s probably right. Americans don’t want substandard salaries and living conditions.

Mexicans overall are very nice, hard-working, good people but we aren’t getting the best too often and we need to have them vetted which can only be done if they come here legally. There also needs to be a quota system so it’s sustainable.

Fox and his compatriots here in the US want substandard for all Americans. They want a third world, globalist nation minus all sovereignty. Hopefully Americans will see through this obvious tactic by the leftists and Fox.

Fox told Fox Business that he apologized to Trump as a leader to leader for his language and Trump should apologize for insulting Mexicans.

He has been on Univision and Hispanic radio telling Hispanics not to vote for Trump.

So much for his apology to Donald Trump.


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