Former Nazi George Soros Tells Globalists at Davos18 Trump Will Soon Disappear


The evil, former Nazi George Soros showed up at #Davos2018 to let the globalists know that Trump will soon be gone. he envisions himself the force behind the next president. He will be the ruler behind whichever Democrat wins the presidency.

“The Trump administration is a danger to the world,” Soros said, “but a purely temporary phenomena. I expect will end in 2020 OR EVEN SOONER.”

Soros is behind the Resistance trying to impeach him. A vote for a Democrat is a vote for Soros and the hard-left unfortunately.


  1. Why isn’t this America hating Jew killing Gestapo stealing thug just taken out?? He is Domestic Terrorism personified, Stated he hates American and is determined to destroy America, Take him out, quickly. He killed Jews sent them to the gas chambers, worked with the Gestapo, and stole their fortunes. He deserves a Nuremberg Trial. He is a Cancer, big Time. Hang him high and seize his stolen riches. Do it now! Israel, where have you been? Take him out………..

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