Former NBP Leader Malik Shabazz Heads for Baltimore, He’s Coming for Police and Alan Colmes


Former New Black Panther Party (NBPP) leader and national president of the Black Lawyers for Justice, Malik Zulu Shabazz, is heading for Baltimore, he announced on Alan Colmes’ radio show two days ago. He said he’s coming to get the police, white people, and Alan Colmes.

Colmes is a liberal supporter. Oh the irony.

Shabazz, a black separatist, has called for a race war on more than one occasion. He believes that all black prisoners in the United States should be set free on grounds that they could not possibly have been tried fairly by the racist criminal-justice system of a racist nation.

Sounds something like Barack and his DOJ without the militancy.

Shabazz  dispatched two members of his NBPP to stand outside an open polling station in Philadelphia and intimidate white voters with racial slurs and threats of violence several years ago. The Holder DOJ refused to prosecute.

The militant racist told Alan Colmes that the rioters were acting in “self-defense” in response to “occupier police” .

He compared the rioting youth throwing rocks, bottles and bricks at police to Palestinians fighting alleged Israeli “occupiers”. Shabazz is also anti-Jewish.

He posted this photo on his Facebook page with the question, “Any similarities?”

any similarities

“Some people might need to get hurt in self defense,” he declared on the show, indicating he was coming for the police. He also said he was going to pin the tail on the honkey.

What a lovely man.

He’s coming for all white people apparently including liberal sympathizer Alan Colmes.

“I’ve got a bigger role to play, and I’m comin’ for you…I’m comin’ for you and all those like you,” Shabazz threatened.

“People are standing up today, and you are on the phone with a black man that is not in fear of you…”

“I don’t come to pin the tail on the donkey, I come to pin the tail on the Honkey…You are guilty of human rights violations against black people of America and all over the world. You are guilty of a holocaust and slaughtering over two-hundred-million of our people. You are guilty of the rape of the black woman. You are guilty of the psychological abuse of our people. You are guilty of killing our BABIES, man!”

“You’re LUCKY I’m on this g*ddamn phone talking to you right now!”

During the same broad­cast, Hashim Nzinga, the current NBPP leader, blamed “Jewish-controlled” media for mis-portraying blacks.

“And with your Jew­ish and your mostly meno­rah, I mean major­ity, uh, minority-owned TV sta­tions, going to paint a pic­ture like something’s wrong with us,” Nzinga stated.

Nzinga said there is a genocide taking place.

“That’s all in you, white man, is to fight and kill. And when you can’t fight or kill, you go hunt…You’ve got to be killing some­thing. And right now, it’s killing the Black man off.” He added, “We ain’t gonna let you do it no more.”

At the end of last year, Shabazz said he was going to build an army in 2015 and predicted police funerals all over the country. This madman is encouraging rioting and enlisting gang members and ne’er-do-wells into his army of miscreants.

Sadly, they don’t care that there is a “genocide” being committed by black gangs on other blacks.

The rate of black homicide victims and offenders are disproportionately represented compared to the general population. Black victimization is six times higher than the white victimization rate. The black offending rate is eight times higher than whites.

The fact that they don’t care proves the obvious. Their goal is to encourage racial hate and black separatism and it has nothing to do with protecting black men.

Shabazz’ people were in Baltimore during the riots smashing store windows and committing other crimes of vandalism.

Source: Breitbart