Fort Hood Was Not Just Another Bad Day at the Office


workplace violence

Photo of Nadal Hassan in uniform with the dead and wounded placed in the background

On November 5, 2009, a lone gunman opened fired on a Military Base in Foot Hood, Texas, killing 13 American soldiers and wounding over 30 more. A stunned nation asked “How could this happen?”

The response from the White House was that this was workplace violence and not a terrorist attack.

As the details emerged from that fateful day, we learned that the sole suspect, Nidal Malik Hasan, was a radical Muslim with ties to known terrorists in Pakistan.

What is more mind-boggling than an attack at a military base on American soil, is the fact that Nidal Malki Hasan was on a terrorist watch list. The Joint Terrorism Task Force had been aware of email communications between Hasan and Yemen-based cleric, Anwar al-Awlaki, who was being monitored by the NSA as a security threat.

Nothing was done to warn anyone at Foot Hood about this Muslim terrorist living amongst our American soldiers on US soil.

Even though the NSA knew Hasan was a radical Muslim, the White House refused to change their position and continued calling this brutal attack on Americans just work place violence.

What’s more outrageous than the outright lie coming out of the White House about this being  workplace violence was the fact that American soldiers, whose job it is to serve and protect America, had no weapons to defend themselves because of a No-Gun rule. As unbelievable as this may sound, the fact remains that a no-gun policy on a military base states that no personnel are allowed to carry weapons on a military base.

When you hear the word “MILITARY” you automatically think ARMED FORCES.

What moron would even begin to think that a “no-gun” policy on a military base would be a good idea?  These soldiers were sitting ducks!

Some of the Soldiers who were killed tried to charge the shooter but were gunned down in the process.  As I see it, mass-murderer Hasan would have maybe gotten off one shot off before the entire base would have stood up and shot him dead in his tracks.  Instead we have 13 unarmed soldiers dead and an additional 30 more wounded in a shooting gallery like-atmosphere.

Thirteen of our bravest are dead all because of an asinine No-Gun policy. They were left defenseless because they were not allowed to carry a gun.

The beauty of America is our fair judicial system where everyone can have their day in court. At his trial, Hasan, acting as his own attorney, in his opening statement, defiantly declared “I am the shooter.”

In my granddaddy’s day this man would have been hanging from a tall oak tree from a short piece of rope and justice would have been swift.

But in the 21st Century, this trial will be a long and drawn out ordeal for all of America to be dragged through before the verdict is read.

It wouldn’t surprise me if he appears on the cover of the next edition of the Rolling Stone magazine. They seem to have a “thing” for mass-murdering terrorists.

Luckily, the death penalty is on the table.

Let’s do this radical Muslim a favor and send him directly to the electric chair so that he can meet his 72 Imaginary Virgins waiting for him in Hell.