Forward: Demonize Corporate Jets Again


corporate Lucifer jets
Oh no, there are going to be long lines for those corporate jets! Obama is coming after them again!

The whole problem with the economy are those rich people with their corporate jet loopholes! That’s what I was told in the latest OFA email.

President Obama and his supporters over at the Center for American Progress must be desperate. They are using the same old tired anti-rich gimmicks to rile up the American public.

But, corporate jets, really? He’ll be after the yachts again soon no doubt.

Obama is a 1%er. He’s worth millions. He flies around in the biggest, most gas guzzling corporate jet in the world.

Take out the jet and substitute the $400,000 Obama spent on portraits for his staff or the millions for shrimps on treadmills, museums in the Ukraine and GSA party trips. In fact, when I get a chance, I will do my own graph.

The Center for American Progress which put out the following graph in the OFA email is “a progressive public policy research and advocacy organization. Its website states that the organization is “dedicated to improving the lives of Americans through progressive ideas and action.” [Wiki] The OFA or Organizing for Action is Obama’s campaign site which now operates as a tax-exempt organization!

Here is the email I received from these losers:


Friend —

Let’s put this into perspective. What programs could we help fund by closing the tax breaks for millionaires and billionaires? Take a look at this graphic from the Center for American Progress — then pass it along:

center for Amer Progress

A vast majority of Americans support President Obama’s plan to reduce the deficit and help middle class families. More than 325,000 people like you have already added their name to show their support.

Are you with them? Add your name today:

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