Forward! Vorwärts! Avanti! More Flexibility!


Obama’s new slogan, Forward, has a past.

President Obama has said exactly what he means. We either didn’t understand, perhaps we didn’t believe it. When he said he wanted to fundamentally transform America, he meant it. When he told Joe the Plumber he was going to redistribute the wealth, he was serious. He said electricity rates must necessarily skyrocket and he was serious about that too. His energy czar, Chu, said gas prices must go to European rates and gas prices are heading that way.

When Obama speaks, read between the lines and pay attention to the nuances. Having been an attendee at Socialist meetings and having many Socialist advisors, be assured that if Obama picks a Socialist slogan, he knows what he is doing.

His new slogan, Forward, could well be a message to his far left base.

The Socialist Party defines Socialism in the 21st century as “The way forward for anti-capitalism.” They even have a book out with that title.

The World Socialist Website defines Socialism as the way forward for young people! [WSWS]

The Jewish Socialists and the Irish Socialists like to refer to socialism as the way forward. The Malaysian Socialist Party slogan is Socialism, the way forward [Malaysian Socialist Party] Bolivia sees socialism as The Way Forward [isreview] I could go on, but you get the idea. Socialism is the way FORWARD!

The occupiers websites say they are Looking Forward This May Day [Socialist Webzine]

And what does that mean exactly? Lenin said it, the goal of socialism is always communism. That is the eventual result of the forward motion.

If you go to, there is a chapter about Lenin entitled Can We Go Forward If We Fear To Advance Towards Socialism? The chapter includes a line that says, For socialism is merely the next step forward from state-capitalist monopoly. 

Mussolini was editor of the Socialist newspaper, Avanti (Forward), in April 1912. Avanti took its name from Vorwarts, the German Socialist paper. He was eventually kicked out of the party but they gave him his start because Socialism is the way Forward. L’Avanti still exists today.

Forward, Socialist Italian Paper, Edited by Benito Mussolini, 1912

Vorwärts was the German language name of the Socialist newspaper for generations of European leftists. In Russia, Vladimir Lenin’s Bolsheviks used the word Vperyod  or Forward (underground newspaper published by the Bolsheviks between December 1904 to May 1905. It was succeeded by Proletary, 21st August 1906 to 28th November 1909)! [Wiki &]

Vorwarts was also the Hitler  youth movement marching song –

Townhall/Ken Blackwell:…In his book, Radical-in-Chief Stanley Kurtz takes great care to document Mr. Obama’s ties to American socialists. Obama admits in his memoir that he attended the Socialist Scholars Conference in New York City in April 1983. The way Obama tells it, going to that conference was part of the delightful intellectual smorgasbord of activity that a Columbia student samples in Manhattan. You know, Lincoln Center, the Bronx Zoo, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Grant’s Tomb—all that cultural stuff in the Big Apple.

The only problem with this scenario is that the agenda of the Socialist Scholars Conference in 1983 was pretty clear: How to bring Socialism to America without importing all that nasty, brutish KGB and GuLAG apparatus from what President Reagan was calling the evil empire…

As a Progressive, Obama hopes to move his monolithic government vision forward so the word is appropriate but I doubt he will stick with it for long.