Four Democrats Who Think Politics Is a Lying Game



Allison Grimes who is running against Republican Mitch McConnell in Kentucky and who is blatantly lying about supporting the coal industry, tops the list of people we don’t want in Congress. Her campaign workers said very clearly that she believes in destroying coal and is only saying she supports coal to get elected.

One campaign worker explained that “politics is a lying game.”



Mark Pryor couldn’t answer a simple question. He wasn’t told what to think yet from the Obama administration. Pryor has attacked his opponent Tom Cotten over Ebola but he couldn’t address a question on it. When you lie and act like a rubber stamp, you can’t function without your Cliff notes.




According to the hill, alleged Independent, Sen. Larry Pressler of South Dakota, who served as a RINO Republican in the senate for a quarter century, hasn’t said who he will caucus with but we have a fairly good idea from his recent comments. He said he’d be a “friend of Obama” in the Senate.

He voted for Obama twice and is proud of it.

He is in the race to act as a spoiler in the three-way race. Pressler has been gaining on his Republican opponent, the former Republican Gov. Mike Rounds. He is hoping to win or throw the contest to Democrat Rick Weiland though he doesn’t admit it. That would be too honest.



Congressman Tim Bishop of CD-1 on Long Island said last month that 40 militants who fought with ISIS have returned to the United States.

Listen, go to the 01:12 mark:

Less than a month later, Bishop says ISIS is a threat that will eventually reach our shores. Which is it?