Fox Business Says Donors Are Telling Rubio to Drop Out Before Florida


Marco Rubio has become his own worst enemy as desperation drives him and his campaign to do foolish things. From jumping on the Trump “lying Cruz” political bandwagon to his profane comedy routine in which he talked about Trump “wetting his pants” and having a small body part to accusing Cruz of “dirty tricks.”

On Tuesday, before his dismal failure in the four GOP primaries last night, Marco Rubio and his campaign accused Ted Cruz of a Ben Carson “dirty tricks style assault on his campaign for sending an email from the Cruz campaign that was based on a CNN report. Rubio attacked Cruz on Fox Radio’s  “Kilmeade and Friends.”

“You know, we have a 151 delegates, my path at end of the day is not essentially any different from his or anybody else’s. Right now no one has has a clear path to the 1,237 delegates. It’s very unique campaign, we’re not gonna run out of money and we’re not gonna run out of supporters,” Rubio said.

Except for one outlier, the polls show Rubio losing significantly to Trump in his home state of Florida.

Rubio’s campaign is on the rocks, Charlie Gasparino said on Fox Business Wednesday and whether it’s because of internal polling or what, he’s hearing Rubio might drop out before the 15th.

Sources are telling Gasparino that his donors are begging Rubio to get out now before Florida. Do not hand the election to Trump, Gasparino quotes them as saying, because you will be handing the election to Hillary Clinton and you will ruin the Republican party. Trump’s negatives are very high and he was very erratic…bizarre last night, Charles Gasparino added.

“The feeling is despair,” Gasparino said bluntly. “We talk about paths to victory. This is what his guys are saying; they don’t see a path to victory and they think it’s better to get out sooner rather than later.”

Conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh weighed in on the Rubio accusations on his radio show Wednesday, accusing Rubio of “BS”. Rubio went to the New York Times and and might have been trying to “replay the Ben Carson story,” he said.

“Ted Cruz had nothing to do with that,” Limbaugh said. “Ted Cruz had not a single thing to do with it. (interruption) I don’t care if it doesn’t matter. I’m gonna tell you it does matter, the people out there know it matters and they know this is a BS thing from the New York Times, just like they’ve known all along that what they tried to do with Cruz over this Ben Carson scenario was BS from the get-go…”

“…CNN reports that Rubio’s own campaign is advising him to get out and that Rubio’s considering it, so Cruz once again e-mails the CNN report and somehow it’s Ted Cruz spreading rumors! (interruption)…”

“…So somebody somewhere on the totem pole Cruz campaign sends the story out to some people in Hawaii, and here we go again. (laughing) ‘Ted Cruz’s Campaign Is Accused of Spreading Rumors…’ This is… (laughing) I don’t know how to describe this! This is so obviously wrong that it is purposeful. It is an attempt… This is the New York Times relying — in their own world, in their own mind — on their irrefutable reputation, their indestructible reputation that whatever they say, ‘is.’ And it’s aimed at low-information people who may not have heard that the CNN report.”


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