Fox Host “Shames” Newt Gingrich for Talking Left and Right After Shooting


Democrats blamed the Portland white supremacist on Republicans but he was a Bernie supporters, they blamed the Aurora theatre on Republicans and he was not a Republican, they blamed Sarah Palin for the Gabby Giffords shooting when his favorite book was The Communist Manifesto.

They blame ever shooting on Republicans though almost all have been by Democrats or left-leaning lunatics.

In the aftermath of the white supremacist Charleston killer, the Democrats messaging was anti-Republican, anti-white.

Today, a Fox News host tried to shame Newt Gingrich. After listening to this, do you think he should have been shamed or was he speaking the truth?


  1. If Bob Mueller does not dot the i’s and cross the t’s then he will be held to task as will the deputy attorney General Rod Rosenstein upon whose integrity we are now relying…………..
    This appointment of a “special prosecutor ” does not pass the smell test

  2. Is THIS woman a Complete IDIOT!!

    How in the HELL can a person ever hope to correct a situation if you do NOT confront it and speak openly and bluntly About it.

    If those in the media will NOT marginalize the violent then they are Normalizing them.

    This animosity doesn’t come from ideology OR the man because time after time the “man on the street” interviews prove conclusively that when asked specifics they find their preferences ARE what Trump is actually accomplishing.

    What Might be an effective strategy is for one of these victims to file a class action suit naming those like CNN, MSNBC,, of the same methods, which Would cause a media firestorm, but would force THAT discussion into the open. These networks would then HAVE to openly defend their position. The suit very well may not go anywhere but the discussion would force a confrontation.

  3. Another side of the question I had considered a few days ago is the Attorney General should file Civil Rights lawsuit against those Police Departments that will NOT protect Trump supporters against the violent left.

  4. I like Melissa Francis, but she is wrong here. Shooter asked if it was Dems or Reps before he began shooting. Can’t stiffle that today. Major part of the story. Wait two mins & lefties & press will hv their talking pts ready to blame the right. By 6:00 news it will all b Trumps fault.

  5. When someone incites people to commit crimes they need to be held culpable along with the primary actor so Newt Gingrich was absolutely correct; CALL A SPADE A SPADE NOT A BROOM.
    Loretta Lynch, and lil’ Timmy Kaine are directly culpable (criminally liable) and also should be inundated with lawsuits by people affected by their vitriole.

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