FOX Dominates Debate Ratings


“The envelope please.  And the winner is…..?”


“On the heels of its ratings dominance during the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Fla., the Fox News Channel consistently trounced both its cable and broadcast competitors throughout Wednesday night’s presidential debate.

According to overnight numbers provided by Nielsen Media Research, FNC beat all broadcast and cable news networks yesterday evening.  It averaged 10.4 million viewers from 9:00-10:30 p.m. EST, with nearly three million viewers in the key 25-54-year old demographic.

FNC nearly doubled CNN’s audience of 6 million viewers and more than doubled MSNBC’s viewership of 4.7 million. It also handily beat CBS, ABC and NBC during the actual debate.”

The gory details of the Fox News domination can be seen by clicking here.

There’s no question that Fox News operates with a slant to the right, but they do have several left wing operatives on the air and they’re allowed to say just about anything that comes to mind, which is far different than their competition.

No channel is as far left as MSNBC.  If that outfit was any further left they’d fall off the edge.  I suspect that many of their viewers were actually Republicans who love to watch liberal’s heads explode.