Fox News Is Reporting Widespread Voter Fraud, Obama Says It’s Dangerous to Report It



Fox News reported on the widespread voter fraud this morning. This follows a debate in which voter fraud was dismissed as one of Donald Trump’s conspiracy theories.

Barack Obama took his views to an extreme level, saying it’s dangerous to talk about voter fraud because it will undermine our democracy. Substitute ‘democracy’ with ‘big government’.

Many believe that when Obama makes comments like this, he is sending dog whistles to the media to not report it.

Recently Lou Dobbs reported that Pew Research indicated that there are 18 million invalid registrations and 2 million are dead and the dead are voting in the U.S.. That could amount to an election-changing event.

In this next case in Indiana, Democrats are fraudulently registering voters. What is described is exactly what the Democrats in the Project Veritas videos said they do. The same thing is going on in Texas.

The Indiana investigation has now expanded to 56 counties.

In this next video, a woman is heard talking about voter fraud she has seen.


    • Absolutely!! We, American’s, are to play the part of sheep and follow the wolf “government” right to the slaughter. The government wants us to keep our mouths shut. If we keep quite then they can get by with anything…. which they have been doing. So, it all boils down to us NOT really being a country being built on democracy and each person’s vote matters, because the system is rigged especially in the states that matter the most. In WV, we have to show a valid driver’s license or a valid I.D. with picture and your voter’s card. If ALL states would do this it would stop the nonsense.

  1. Obama is of no importance anymore. He has no clout…tell him to mind his own business. Who cares what he says.

  2. But if Hillary loses, it will be Russia’s fault for rigging the election, uh Obama! why don’t you and Moochelle just take the rest of the year off, one last vacation at our expense, please!!!!!

  3. Alex Jones has been saying this for YEARS, he has been slammed by libtards, saying he is a conspiracy theorist, and dont listen to his wild dreams. Well it’s about time people are starting to awaken, but it may bee too late, because the corruption is out of the peoples hands, unless we have to take up our 2nd Amendment, Our country may be already lost. GOD HELP US.

  4. So much for transparency….Mr. Obama our democracy is being undermined by voter fraud and you want to keep that a secret?

    ….Ron a Democrat in Florida voting for Donald

  5. The point of the matter is Hillary and her inner circle have been proven to have broken the law on numerous occasion during the 2016 presidential campaign, and her dereliction of duties in the past that are attributing to the unease of the American people and the good of the world as a whole.

  6. I hope something can be done about voter fraud before it’s too late. Every one in each needs to holler loud and don’t quit until election day.we don’t need these despicable humans near the america

  7. lol…Your batcrap crazy paranoia becomes more entertaining each election cycle.

    Reality and truth are not included in your vocabulary.

    • Your sir are an idiot and a blind sheep following a wolf to the slaughter. Or you are one of the corrupt committing the fraud and are trying too distract people from the truth . So in short, sit down be quiet and let the adults talk.

  8. I was listening a day or so ago to people’s ideas on Voter ID and how to eliminate corruption
    I am not sure anyone has put all of these together but I will try to fulfill a complete idea that I pieced together from multiple conversations.
    1. When you reach driving age you can register to vote even though you cannot vote until you are 18 or in military service.
    a. You show up at the state run office with proof of citizenship(Birth Certificate and place of birth
    b. This automatically will sign you up for selective service at 18 so no need to do it again later
    c. When you get your state Id you will have a Biometric fingerprint (the fingerprint will not go into the federal system to be tracked by the FBI or any other police force… This system must be self-contained and not have any info leave the system to any other party we do not want any possibility of people being tracked for who they voted for) placed in the system as well as a photo Id(In the future you can go back into a local facility and take a new picture to upgrade to the current view)
    d. This ID will be the only one you get and must maintain said ID for future use.
    2. There will be a interlacing system between states just like for drivers licenses so that you can vote where your feet are at and have no need to update your address(you can update when you move or set up an annual notice of upgrade in the system)
    3. When you go into voting booth it will do a few things:
    a. It will scan the system to see if you have voted already in another state (Not who you voted for) this will eliminate multiple voters and dead people voting.
    b. It will also set a flag once you inter the polling station so that you will not be able to vote more than once per election cycle.
    c. This system will have a fingerprint lock backed up by a photo ID. How hard will it be then to fake the system.
    d. Even if you are a felon and have the ID it will flag the system so that you cannot illegally vote(Unless they change the rules to allow felons to vote)
    4. This system will also allow for the state to have its elections within it based on the persons address from when they last updated it
    5. This will also allow the conspiracy people some measure of comfort as the system cannot physically track you. It can only track flags and locations of flag in the system.
    6. This is set up to have a double backed secure way to validate all voters through photo and Fingerprint (I don’t care what finger they use as long as it is the same one when they log into the system to vote) If the person loses an appendage they need to go into current state facility and register a new print id.
    7. The goal here is to have it have a $0.00 cost (no excuses) and portable across state lines. If you do not have your id you must request a new one, from your current updated local location you reside in a minimum of 90days before any election for your vote to be valid.

    • item 2 above for voting “where your feet are at” facilitates momentary packing out-of-state voters into key swing states/districts and thus is clearly not within the intent of census driven definitions of congressional voting districts (even though the districts are, of course, ‘pre-packed’ upon their twisted boundary definitions). The cure for both may be… pure ‘population eligibility data driven’ boundaries and ID assignments therein, but it’s likely never simple and neutral.

      • however,on the other hand, the item 2 update end statements calls for a residential context for the phrase “where your feet are at” which mitigates my prior statement substantially. (How did I get that name?)

    • Very good, realize though that if there is a way to beat the crooks can and will find it!
      They have shown their efforts to date.

  9. I personally know voter fraud exists, I am an election official, know a man that voted 6x, the DEM’s had a list of those that died and paid him $100 per vote, they gave him a list of deceased voters, and with no voter id needed he went in and said the address and name he was voting under. Another guy I know has a vacation home in Florida and one in New York, he always votes in Florida, but last election he tried to vote in New York, ~ they said he had already voted!

  10. Its been rigged since the year 2000. George Soros owns the machines in 16 states. You’ve been believing in an illusion of democracy for that long only now its so blatant that you are seeing behind the curtain. They’ve got key people in every alphabet agency , the DOJ, the judges, officials , the media, and cops on their side so no matter how much evidence is raised. It goes nowhere has brought lawsuits against the rigged primaries.
    Lee Camp on redacted tonight covers some of it.
    Can start with and but theres so much more. Greg Palast investigative journalist has been covering the fraud since 2000 and is an expert on the subject

  11. There are videos of workers stuffing ballot boxes. They can no longer deny it, yet they still do. When obama was elected there were more ballots than registered voters in some districts. I wonder, what is the price paid for the honor or souls of those people?

    • Is nt the system computersized,? so ok, disqualify the dead and unregisted etc. Or anyone else that would Be disqualified… if there isnt a program to do this, then have one installed..change out the computors. Th ere are a lot of options. We need to keep our election clean.

  12. Obama claims there has never been viter fraud… Did he forget about when ran for president and members of Acorn were prosecuted?

  13. I have experienced voter fraud first hand on two occasions recently. First, my dad voted twice in two different parishes (you call them counties). One was his real voter by mail ballot that I assisted him with as his power of attorney. One was fraudulent a ballot submitted by the Social Worker in his nursing home! It wasn’t caught until after the election when he passed away and I called the registrars office to report his demise! The second time was my mother who was in an assisted living facility and who suffered from vascular dementia. Again, I was her power of attorney and assisted her with her voter by mail ballot. The Assisted Living facility hosted a “get out and vote” party whereby all the residents were encouraged to fill out voter registration cards. No one checked to see if they already were registered to vote. My Mom couldn’t remember whether she was registered or that I assisted her at every election. So, she completed and signed another card filled out by the person hosting the party! When the manager of the Assisted Living facility told me they had a voter registration party, I called the Registrars office and found out that my mothers address, party affiliation, and other information had been changed without my consent! Fortunately, it happened before an election so I was able to stop the fraud! PLEASE TAKE CARE OF YOUR LOVED ONES WHO ARE IN THE HOSPITAL, ASSISTED LIVING FACILITIES, AND NURSING HOMES RIGHT TO VOTE! A LOT OF FRAUD TAKES PLACE IN THESE FACILITIES!

  14. Texas voting machines changing Republican votes to democrat votes. Texas changing over to paper voting. FBI has been informed. You should also report any other problems to FBI and Conservative Media as I did..

  15. or this:
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  16. Why is it dangerous to report voter fraud as OB has stated? Dangerous to whom, the person who knowingly sees it happen before their eyes or the fact it would destroy HC’s only opportunity to get elected? If it is the fist one that’s a blatant threat to Americans. If it’s the second that is still fraud. Both punishable as criminal and corrupt behavior.

  17. I’d be worried too if I were Obama, I’m sure he has a lot to answer for just as much as Hillary, if not more…. Sounds like the traitor is a little nervous!

  18. We voted last monday when my husband and I tried to validate our ballot but it kept flashing on 2 names. It said we had not voted for these two people, but going back we had. THIS continue for 3 times. THE poll judges didn’t know what to do and then just agnored it, stating it had happened before. My husband called the clerks office and they didn’t do anything, he also called the mayor in Evansville, Indiana but have not heard from him. It seems no one care if there is fraud or not

  19. This Guy Is Just As Guilty As Hillary Because He Helps Her Coverup Her Crimes. He Is Campaigning So Hard & Allowing Voter Fraud Because They Are All Risking Going To Jail If Trump Wins. Vote Trump & Double Check Your Ballot Before Submitting It. Don’t Be Afraid To Ask Someone To Help You If Something Seems Wrong.

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