Free Obamacare Could Cost 100% More for Millions of People



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The nation’s health insurance companies expect premiums to go up from 20% to 100% for millions of Americans because of changes in the Affordable Care Act.

As we are soon to discover, it really isn’t possible to add 30 million people to the government’s “free” healthcare plan without paying a hefty price for it.

The group to be hit hardest will be the 14 million people who buy their own insurance, including small business owners.

A tax on premiums will raise prices as much as 2.4% in 2014 alone. Other changes are caused by the way premiums are set according to age and gender, increasing prices by as much as 50% for some. Keeping children on their parents’ plan until their 26 will cost all of us as will free birth control for everyone. The government is trying to balance it all with tax credits (our tax money) and it will not lower costs as promised.

Two weeks ago, the government added 800 pages to the 20,000 page Obamacare law in one day alone. No one can read the bill or understand it. It will never work well.

The CEO of Aetna, Mark Bertolini, said the price hikes are “premium rate shock.” He said “it’s a big concern.”

Kaiser Health chairman and chief executive, George C. Halvorson, said that the future of lower premiums is to get people to take better care of their health. [Great, don’t get sick!]

He also said,  “We think the future of health care is going to be rationing or re-engineering.”

Halvorson said “other health systems must rethink what they do or risk having cost controls imposed on them either by the government or by employers, who are paying for most of the health insurance costs.”

One of Kaiser’s suggestions is Internet doctor visits. I guess that’s better than their last suggestion for group patient visits.

Individual payments to doctors for services are disappearing and doctors are going to be paid in bulk – package deals – with an eye towards their cure rate. That should work well with the handicapped and seniors.

Hospitals are now buying physicians’ practices which will likely end up being a monopoly with strong self-interests. Kaiser sees an integrated system as essential. It’s all in the eyes of the beholder I suppose.

WSJ online has an interesting article on the role pharmacists will now play because of Obamacare. Insurers will no longer cover checkups because it’s not the free annual exam. Pharmacists will end up providing more consultant services to fill the gap

The Congress is doing their best to repeal the 2.9% medical device tax which will kill innovation in this country, no small thing. We have been the world’s innovators in this field.

Private insurance companies will never be able to compete with the government because the government will just keep raising our taxes to lower medical costs or they will ration care. Eventually, we will all be reliant on the government. The Medicare IPAB, which is a board comprised of 15 secret non-medical professionals, will decide what payments doctors and hospitals will get. This will result in rationed care. If payments are cut, services are cut.

We are heading for a completely government-controlled healthcare system. Single Payer, here we come. You will NOT keep your health insurance company or your doctor and the government WILL come between you and your doctor.

We were told premium costs would go down. We were told a lot of things.

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