Free Speech Beach Balls, Chalk, 1st Amendment Defense All Banned at University


free speech ball

The Ohio State University campus Republicans were pilloried for writing a message on the campus free speech wall. They were called racists, Klansmen, and accused of threatening the campus because they wrote this:

“Trigger warning: there are no safe spaces in real life! You can’t wall off the 1st Amendment.”

“It got so much hate, I just don’t know if I have ever received so much hate in my life,” David Parkhill, 19, president of the Ohio University College Republicans, said Thursday in an interview with The College Fix.

“Granted, I knew what I was getting into, but I didn’t think it would be that much hate,” he said. “We are basically a minority on this campus. Our opinion is so put down and so crushed, it’s almost like we don’t have a say.”

The message was written in defense of free speech in response to Greek Week events being canceled because students wrote “Build the Wall” and “Trump 2016” on the free speech wall.

This latest message was painted over by the cowardly administration within hours.

Read about it at The College Fix. It’s a great site as is Campus Reform. People need to know what is going on at these schools. Between these leftist professors and the acceptance of students who don’t belong in college, the schools are in trouble.

Chalk is banned from De Paul University. 

Campus Reform reports that students will no longer be allowed to chalk political messages on sidewalks of campus because of pro-Trump chalking. The school deemed these messages to be “offensive, hurtful, and divisive.”


The administration at this school is cowardly as well.

“While these chalk messages are part of national agendas in a heated political battle, they appeared on campus at a time of significant racial tension in our country and on college campuses. DePaul is no exception,” Depaul’s vice president for student affairs Eugene Zdziarski wrote in a campus-wide email obtained by Campus Reform. “The university has been addressing campus climate issues in an effort to provide an inclusive and supportive educational environment. In this context, many students, faculty and staff found the chalk messages offensive, hurtful and divisive.

Wait until Christmas, it’s as bad as the elections. It’s hated.

Sometimes, you have to laugh. At the University of Delaware, the officer explains to a student why he can’t have a free speech beach ball on campus.

There is no human right not to be offended you arrogant little jerks.

There is a lawsuit on behalf of free speech.