Free Speech Is Dead to Us in the Democratic Party

President Obama and Mayor Cory Booker

I have posted positive articles about Cory Booker, not because I agree with his politics, but because I think he’s a very decent person. He saved a person’s life, shovels his neighbors’ sidewalks, and he tells the truth about private equity.

For being honest and departing from the Marxist line adopted by the White House, the N.Y. Post reports that a ranking administration official said that with regard to White House feelings and those of Obama headquarters in Chicago – “He’s dead to us,” meaning Cory Booker. I guess Cory should sleep with one eye opened. [NY Post]

Obama, for whatever reason, has always had some sketchy people working for him and it doesn’t take much apparently to turn them against some of their most loyal supporters.

All it took in this case was a disagreement over a bogus Obama ad. The Obama campaign was counting on the absolutely absurd ad as a line of attack against Romney.

Free speech is dead to us in the Democratic Party under Obama rule.

Booker was hoping for a Cabinet post and that dream is dead too.