Free Speech Is Dead In the USA – Just Ask These Brits

Leigh van bryan was due to go to Los Angeles with his friend Emily Banting but was stopped when he arrived in the U.S. over tweets he had sent

What, are we North Korea now? Reading this story, you would think it. These young people should get a formal apology, a free ticket back, and a week’s stay in a hotel at taxpayer expense. The federal agents should each get a letter in their file expressing the fact that they are so lacking in common sense as to deserve the designation of  dumb bunnies.

I appreciate the fact that our agents are so diligent in looking for terrorists, but I don’t appreciate people who have no sense. Then again, maybe these agents were so arrogant as to think they can do and say whatever they want? I leave it to others to consider.

Do you think a harmless slang comment tweeted to friends in the U.S. from Britain is cause to arrest two Brits and keep them from entering the United States once our U.S. officials realize the nature of the comment? If you do, you are no lover of free speech.

The Brits tweeted the phrase, “..before I go destroy America.” “Destroy” is British slang for “party.”   They were detained, their passports confiscated, and they were held under armed guard. They were interrogated and Mr. Van Bryan, one of the pair, was quizzed about joking three weeks ago that he was going to “dig Marilyn Monroe up,” quoting the U.S. show, Family Guy. The Federal agents actually looked for spades in their luggage.

The couple were then held for 12 hours with illegals and drug dealers until they were unceremoniously put on a plane home.

This is keeping us safe? Is there no common sense? What happened to our freedoms?  Agents of the government think they can do whatever they want in the name of protecting us?

Read about our abusive government here: Daily Mail

This is the tweet from the young man who was going to party in America, the once free country, now a banana republic with few freedoms. Wake up America? I don’t care if you are Democrat or Republican, Wake UP!