Freedom-Robbing Union Leadership in Control of Tax Dollars & the Vote



The union leadership, for the most part, want to form a one party, big union-big government symbiotic personhood which is in control of the nation’s tax dollars.  The AFL-CIO is probably the worst and they are the NEA’s daddy.

My NEA Today magazine came yesterday. Check out the cover photo above. No bias there!

The inside of the cover is more Obama propaganda. I feel like I’m living in Russia. The union leadership puts teachers first and children on the back burner. I’ve confronted it for years and, except for the rare union leader, they have told me that it’s so and they believe it’s the way it should be.

Obama’s Win to the Top is even worse than Bush’s No Child Left Behind. They have added testing and ridiculous curricula requirements that give teachers little time with all the students in one spot at one time, then they test them to death. The result is that we all teach to the tests.

Special education is out of control also thanks to lawyers and politicians. They get pulled out, singled out, and made to feel inferior as we try to raise them up with bad curricula choices that meet the law more than they meet their needs.

The Department of Education fosters a one size fits all mentality even when it’s trying to individualize but that is for another article.

The Department of Education and the unions work together to bring us the educational system we have today. It’s good in many areas but overall, it’s bad.

Inside the magazine they sent me, I didn’t find much of anything about children.

There were chapters on: the November election, how the union brings heart to the community (that was a real knee slapper), an example of how one school keeps the teacher evaluations under control (they have all traditionally cited all teachers as excellent), how the union is helping teachers make more money, and they offered some stress-relieving ideas.

On Long Island, the Suffolk County Executive, Steve Bellone, who owes his livelihood to the unions, blasted the Central Islip Marriott Residence Inn for not using the more highly paid and more difficult to work with union labor.

The Marriott used nonunion and nonlocal labor in the once free county of Suffolk, Long Island. Perish the thought. Did they think they had freedom?

Last I knew, people in private enterprise could hire whomever they wanted, but Mr. Bellone won’t get re-elected without union money and support.

There is a glitch for the hotel. They did get Islip tax abatements, but I thought that was for bringing their business to an area that greatly needs it. Apparently, it was for the unions and their specific jobs.

The County labor commissioner said the Department of Consumer Affairs is issuing a violation against the NJ company that is doing the electrical work. Huh? What did they do wrong? No one seems to mind China coming here, but NJ, Hell No!!! If they sue these companies, it becomes so expensive, that it’s cheaper for the company to hire the more costly union labor.

That’s the idea. They must make it difficult for free enterprise to have freedom. Remember Boeing?

Now the government thugs are demanding plumbers be local plumbers and I think you can add the word “union” to the word “local.”

The Building and Construction Trades Council happens to agree with Bellone. You could knock me over with a feather on that one.

The fact that the Marriott employed people in this country, from our tri-state area has no meaning to the Department of Consumer Affairs. That’s all part of that big union-big government thuggism.

I have no problem with companies hiring union labor but I also have no problem with companies hiring nonunion labor. We were free once and that was okay for everyone once.