French Obama -Emmanuel Macron – Has Mail That Could Have Impacted His Presidency


Documents leaked about now-President of France Emmanuel Macron were leaked too late to affect the election. France has a law that shuts down media reporting on the candidates 24 hours prior to the election.

Go to GotNews for the facts of this story.

Rumors about Emmanuel Macron’s inner circle are possibly true. He might be gay and his team might be coke heads who are not supporters of women.

For one thing, Macron is said to pay his female workers 26% less than he pays men.

Also an alleged video tape proving Macron’s relationship with a man in the possession of Closer has been successfully kept under wraps by political insiders who threatened the publisher.

#MacronLeaks is unveiling the truth, if the documents are accurate.

One question is why is Emmanuel Macron on the mailing list of VestiareGay? They are opt-in only and this mail was found among his emails.

Furthermore, senior campaign member Alain Tourret was caught ordering a designer drug using bitcoin (an online currency that offers more anonymity that credit card purchases).

There are other documents reminding Tourre to buy “c.” for Macron.

The email consists of a single line: “don’t forget to buy c. for the boss.


Finally, a mid-level bookkeeper in Emmanuel Macron’s campaign was shocked to discover that cocktail parties on the ultra-chic Champs-Elysee were being paid for by Macron’s former paymasters at the Rothschild Bank. Is that even legal? Here is the screenshot from her e-mail exchange released in #MacronLeaks and confirmed as real by WikiLeaks.


  1. I just saw my 89 year old mother today and she gets ALL her news from the Canadian main stream media ( mainly from the state spnsored tv station Radio-Canada which is very much anti-right and anti-USA), and she was telling me about Macron…or what the media wants her to believe.

    – he is a brilliant man, high IQ and was a brilliant student ( might be true, but that does not mean anything, some serial killers have high IQs, it does not make Macron a good choice for France )

    – He will be good for France ( of course the main stream media will say that! it is like a Ford salesman will say Ford are better than Chevrolet and Chevrolet will say they are better than Ford , the media is paid by the left to tell us leftists candidates are the best ones)

    – LePen because of her defeat will now change a lot of things, she will no longer be anti immigration and will no longer say she wants France out of the European union. ( I admit I have not read or watched any news today but I will say right now it is IMPOSSIBLE lepen is now suddenly pro-immgration and suddenly pro-Euro-Union )

    My mother to me is like a barometer; it gives me an idea of what the main stream media wants people to believe without my having to watch the ain stream media

    So I asked her if she heard that ” they” now say there are over 80 genders…she had not heard of that…of course she did not hear about that! the leftist main stream media conceals the craziest things to protect the image of the left, but if a conservative says or does one slightly crazy thing it becomes front pages news and is repeated for several days to make sure everyone knows about it.

    She knew Trump had said the word “pvssy” but she did not know the left now claims there are over 83 genders

    She told me we live in a crazy age, but she has no idea over 95 % of that craziness comes from the left.

    One last thing, whenever there are violent protests, her media tells her those are not leftists, they are just violent people that have nothing to do with the left…they are just there because they like causing trouble but have no connection to the left…

    The main stream media is a joke, almost nothing they say is remotely close to the truth.

    I love my mother but oh my God is she badly brainwashed !!!

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