Frightening Spanish-Language Ad Calls Tea Party Republicans Radical Terrorists


A new ad by Democrat Manuel Medina, the Bexar County Democratic Party chairman launched a new Spanish-language ad last Thursday on Univision, implying tea party Republicans are terrorists the equal of ISIS who could behead them in their sleep.

Democrats are so “civil”.

If the Tea Party were terrorists, Barack Obama would love them.

AD TRANSLATION: These two flags represent friendship, liberty, opportunity and justice. This flag is very dangerous, it is the flag of Tea Party Republicans. They are radical terrorists who want to take issues into their own hands harming our kids and families with violence and firearms on the border and in our cities. On Tuesday November 4th is election day and it is our only opportunity to make our voice count for our common good. Vote Democrat.


The Tea Party is “muy peligrosa” (very dangerous). That ridiculous claim is accompanied by photos of Texas militia members in camouflage uniforms and a worried woman holding tight to her child.

The militia has nothing to do with the Tea Party and the Tea Party is not the Republican party. They all sympathize on a number of issues – that’s it.

This isn’t the first time. Vice President Joe Biden hit this low back in 2011 during the debt debate. He condemned Tea Party Republicans for “acting like terrorists”.

Freedom fighters would be a more apt phrase.

If any party is the party of “terroristas radicals”, it would be the Democrats who think it’s okay to release five Taliban terrorists for one deserter; who spend our money without end; who violate the Constitution regularly and flout our laws; it could be our government who spies, targets innocent citizens and shuts down free speech wherever it can. It’s a Democratic government which divides us on all levels and weaponizes every government agency both literally and figuratively.

This is no different than the Democrats convincing people that Republicans are racists so they could trick their minority constituents into voting for them, despite the fact that all they’ve brought them is welfare and enslavement.

Where are the jobs? Outside of the minimum wage jobs I mean.

Sen. Mary Landrieu of Louisiana, who has lived, not in Louisiana, but D.C., for decades, recently cast the racism pallor on the entire South. Ironically, the Southern KKK were all Democrats. The race-baiting and somewhat desperate Landrieu said: “I’ll be very, very honest with you. The South has not always been the friendliest place for African-Americans. It’s been a difficult time for the president to present himself in a very positive light as a leader.”

It’s a cynical effort by Landrieu to get votes just like this ad.

teaparty3Tea Party rally

Medina defended the ad — which he created himself — by saying, “The tea party is not a political party. They’re a terrorist organization.”

A more apt assignation for terrorist organization would be the Occupiers, beloved by Democrats. The Tea Party has NEVER been guilty of violence. However, the Occupiers who are comprised of communist, socialist, and anarchist revolutionaries, have been violent – many times.

When I went to the first Occupy Wall Street “protest” in New York City I told my friend that for the first time I was really afraid. The groups were comprised of angry, disenfranchised, confused, easily-led people and the leaders were intelligent and determined communists.

Occupy Oakland
Occupy Oakland

Charles Krauthammer reviewed some of the Democrats successes: Obamacare, VA scandal, secret service incompetence, Ebola contradictions, an Ebola czar in self-quarantine, etc. They are “the party of government ideologically” and “their ambitions for government are wrong”. They can’t run the damn thing…and that’s why they have to start calling people names.”

He has some good advice for Republicans.