Gallup Adjusts Polling Methods to Meet Axelrod’s Suggestions

Gallup changes polling methods and they match Axelrod’s recommendations. Suspicious?

The DOJ is suing the Gallup organization for their polling methods.

The attorneys at Gallup who “blew the whistle” to the DOJ on Gallup are Democratic bundlers.

The lawsuit came after Axelrod criticized Gallup for their polling methods. [A warning?]

Some Gallup workers told the Daily Caller that they felt bullied by Axelrod.

Now the Gallup organization has changed their polling methods to include more cell phones, more minorities, and so on. Coincidentally, the changes match up to Axelrod’s recommendations and this is right before an election.

It is very suspicious since Romney was leading and now he is not.

Polls do affect votes so this is a real big deal.

If you are not familiar with the case, go to the Daily Caller

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Sara Noble

Sara Noble

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