GAO Overview of US Financial Outlook Teetering Between Bleak and Hopeless


unsustainable fiscal path


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We are on a rapid and unsustainable fiscal path according to the GAO:

“GAO’s federal simulations show that absent policy changes, the federal government faces a rapid and unsustainable growth in debt.

Simulations of the state and local government sector show that not only the federal government faces fiscal challenges that will have a profound effect on government over the coming decades.

A growing imbalance between revenue and spending is driven on the spending side by rising health care costs and the aging population, which in turn will lead to a rapid increase in spending on retirement and health programs.”

In their summary, the GAO said:

“While CBO projects that continuation of such polices would prevent disruptions to the economy in the very near term, it would lead to higher debt over the long term.”

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The report also stated that the Department of Defense has such serious financial management problems that its financial statements are not auditable. Read about that here.